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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Scrap "Caddy" Sunday

Hi Everyone!

I'm back again with another post for Scrap Basket Sunday, hosted by Kim.  This time my post doesn't really seem like it is going to be about scraps, but I promise--a few scraps will be involved.

Do any of you know my blogging friend, Freda at her blog, The Adventures of the Empress of the Universe?  Yesterday she had the best post about a brilliant idea!  Please click on her name to see it.  She had been in Target and found a great caddy which is perfect for quilting.  I had just been at Target before I read her blog, but I went right back out.  This is why.

Right now in their outdoor department, they have these picnic caddies.  Freda figured out immediately that they would be great for the cutting table.  The reason why is because they are fairly heavy and sturdy.  And they also have great openings.  She bought a white one, but they also have red, green, and blue.  I chose the red, of course.  (It was the last red one at my Target, too!)  It cost $9.99 in my store.

Here is the "downward" view.  See the larger opening at the top of the photo, the three triangles (for cutlery) and the smaller opening at the bottom.  Great space.  But, as Freda mentioned, there is no mesh bottom for the larger and smaller compartments.  She cut some white cardboard for the bottoms on her white caddy and it looked great.  I don't have any white cardboard--I would have to use pieces from a brown box, so I started thinking about how to make it pretty.  Freda also suggested using a glass for holding pens and pencils, etc. but she didn't have any so, being so clever, she used toilet paper rolls (empty.)  She covered them to make them pretty, so my mind was thinking "cover it to make it pretty."  I first considered scrapbook paper.  I have tons, and plenty of patriotic.  But I was worried a bit about durability.  Then I thought of fabric, and then I remembered!

I had some narrow strips of laminated fabric scraps left over from a bag project.  The vinyl on the fabric was just what I thought I wanted for the caddy.  I have kept these pieces not knowing what they would be good for, but they were just the thing. 

I cut my cardboard and fit it in several times until I was happy, and then I used spray adhesive on the back of the laminated fabric (cut to size.)  I cut out squares at the corners and wrapped the edges around to the back.

I did take the time to center the chevron down the length of the pieces.

Then I inserted them into the caddy.
Cool!  I love the patriotic feel!
Next it was time to fill.
I splurged and got one of the coordinating glasses at Target to hold pens and pencils.  I put it in the largest opening, right next to one side.
It leaves plenty of room next to it for rulers.  It is heavy enough that even having a 6x24 in it won't tip it over!  If you don't use a glass, you can get up to 9" wide rulers in that large compartment.
The center triangle compartments hold scissors and rotary cutters perfectly!
But what really "sold me" on getting this caddy was the smaller, front compartment.  When I saw Freda's, I knew it would be perfect for all my smaller, specialty rulers that I'm always losing in my ruler drawer!  It didn't disappoint me, either!  They work perfectly in it.
The tall handle was a perfect spot to hang my perfect circle templates that I'm always losing!  Now they have a designated place that is visible and easy to grab!
Look at all the stuff I've got loaded in it!  And no tipping!
And one more view on my cutting table.
Remember--this wasn't my idea, it was Freda's--and I can't thank her enough!  She has great vision.  You know if they marketed this directly to quilters, they would charge $45 for it!
I'll hopefully be back next week with projects using more scraps.  Have a great day!


  1. Hmmm ... I wasn't planning to go to target today, but ...

    Very cool!

  2. Very cool! Love how you covered the cardboard with the laminated fabric... looks great! Isn't it amazing how that long ruler can't tip over the caddy?

    The red caddy looks great with the blue cutting mat too!

  3. Great idea--I see a trip to Target in my future.

  4. What a fantastic idea...and it's wonderful that it doesn't tip...LOVE it! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Why can't we have Target in the UK. :(
    Great idea though. xxx

  6. Love your storage container idea.

  7. I will be heading to Target tomorrow after I get out of class! This is awesome!!

  8. This is fantastic! I saw it on Freda's blog.....and your's looks great, too!

  9. What a great idea! I see a trip to Target in my future, as well! Thank you for sharing.

  10. I need to get one of those too! I can use all the organizational tips I can get. Your fabric in the bottom couldn't be any more perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I see a trip to Target tomorrow.

    1. I bought a green one today because it yelled "Pick me! Pick me!" when I saw them on the shelf.

  12. great idea - and i think you're right that it would be marketed to quilters at a higher price. and i'm sure. . . some would pay it!