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Monday, June 10, 2013

Liberty Ridge

Happy Monday Everyone!

I have another finish to share.  I didn't piece this entirely this week!  It was a UFO that I had left from Hawaii.  I bought this kit the day it came out from Little Quilts--the designers.  I distinctly remember ordering it because we were having a tsunami in Hawaii and yet I called over to Little Quilts in Georgia to order it.  The charming lady I spoke with, when she found out where I lived, asked, "Aren't you having a Tsunami?"  I laughed and said yes, but that I was safe but I really wanted to make sure I got my kit!  Goodness, the things we quilters I sometimes do.

Despite my eagerness to get the kit, I didn't start on it right away.  I eventually did and got as far as framing the panel (yes, the flag is a printed panel--not pieced) with the ribbon border.  I also had the flying geese for the star blocks made. 

When I pulled out the WIP, all packed up in a large ziplock, I sorted through everything and got it organized.  I began by attaching the cream spacer border above and below the ribbon border.  Then I began to piece the star blocks.
I laid them all out to make sure that I had enough pieces, but I was short some of the light corners.  Hmm.  I looked through my stash to see if I had extra fabric, but I didn't.  I did have a few short strips the right width, so I cut them into the squares, but I was still short.  I went though everything again and discovered a pile of the right squares.  I made the star blocks and next I had to sew them together with some spacer strips.  Eee gad!  The short strips I had cut for corner squares (and didn't need once I found the other squares) were my center spacers!!!  This is why I don't like having UFOs--because I forget things, lose things, or screw them up.  I ended up cutting spaces from a different cream fabric from the kit and it is okay, but still...
It was pretty easy to attach the star rows and then border it all twice--once with the cream and once with the navy.  I really like how it came out.  There is way more blue in this quilt than red and I really like that look--it is different!
I'm loving how my design wall is looking, but I really need to get some layering, basting, and quilting done!
After that I started pulling fabric for my Schnibble--Dulcinea this month.  The pattern looks like children's pinwheels to me, so I decided to use some of my "fun" patriotic fabrics that I rarely use.  This is what I have so far, but I'm not certain if I'm going to like it yet.  I will continue for now and see how I like it together.
I pulled fabrics with stripes and other lines that would lend a sense of movement to the pinwheels.
Have a great day everyone!


  1. Wow, Liberty Ridge is a stunner!

    Glad to hear that others have difficulty picking up and working on a UFO. I must learn to write notes to myself.

  2. Gorgeous... great zig-zag border and everything looks great sewn together! Great job!

  3. OOOO la, la!! You are giving me more ideas!!!! Just wonderful!!


  4. You are definitely the most "Patriotic Quilter" I know of. Well done. Nothing like a deadline to get those UFO's out of storage!

  5. Liberty Ridge is wonderful, but then I love all your patriotic flimsies... keep working on those pinwheels... they look terrific!

  6. I quilted a Liberty Ridge custom nearly two years ago I think. It really is a gorgeous pattern!

  7. Love your pinwheel blocks! Nice Patriotic quilts too.

  8. The pinwheels look great in those colours, just like ones you can buy at fairs and shows. You put so much thought into your schnibbles fabric and placement. I would just be using charm packs, but I do think they look better with careful fabric placement.