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Saturday, April 12, 2014

We Hopped and Shopped

Hi Everyone,

Thursday was a long, but really fun day.  I left my house at 6:30 in the morning and didn't get home until 9:30 at night.  We went to four of the 6 shops on the hop and then had an unexpected stop near Richmond.

This was our route.  Over on the left side, halfway down, you can see the red marker showing our start/finish point.  We headed down and across the bottom of the map to Warrenton, NC.  It took about 3 hours to get there.  The next shop was about 40 miles back in Virginia at Boydton.  We had lunch there, as well as visiting the shop.  Then we journeyed for another hour and a half the the third shop in Crewe, VA and then a shot hop to Rice for the last of the shops.  After Rice, we traveled nearly straight east to Richmond.  We had supper there and then headed home.

This is the first shop:  Quilt Lizzy

It is a fun shop, chock full of Moda and lots of precuts.  Look!  They have all of Grant Park (one of my favorite lines by Minick and Simpson)

They also have two long arm machines and will happily quilt your tops for you!  Here is a picture.  There is lots of bright light in the shop, which I really appreciate.

Even with all of the great fabric, I was really trying to be good and not buy much.  My purchase at this shop was limited to this:
The Add-An-Eighth ruler.  The rest of the items were prizes and gifts.  For the hop, if you traveled in a group of 4 or more, and had some way to show that you were part of a group (we wore our guild cards as name tags fastened on our shirts with paperclips) they everyone in the group got a prize at each shop.  At Quilt Lizzy, we received the blue clip-on lanyard.

We took this picture at Quilt Lizzy.  I love it!  We are having every bit as much fun as it looks like.  My favorite thing about this shop is it's owner.  She is a real fun lady with a wonderful attitude!

It was a bit of a short drive to the next shop:

The Quilter's Nook in Boydton, VA.  This was a pretty small shop.

Our prize for being in a group was a certificate for $15 off any class.  That was really generous, but she figured out that since we lived so far away, we probably wouldn't take a class, so she gave us a fat quarter, too.  Here I found two pieces of fabric that I couldn't live without.

They are on the left, and my free fat quarter is on the right.  The cute mug package was a free gift you got if you made a purchase.  Inside is a kit to make a small bird quilt--so cute!  As part of the shop hop, each shop was having drawings on the hour.  We were there pretty early on in the hour, but we were ready for lunch, so we went next door to one of the two local restaurants.  We all had stomboli or calzones and they were pretty yummy.  When the hour mark came up, one of the girls took all of our tickets and went back to the shop to see if we had won, but none of us did.  (If I'm remembering correctly.)  We hadn't won anything at Quilt Lizzy, either.

We finished in Boydton and proceeded for over an hour to Crewe.  Along the way, we saw some evidence of construction and then traffic halted.  We were sitting there behind several cars and we could just make out a flagman holding a stop sign.  I speculated that we must have to wait for a pilot car.  After a bit of waiting, we finally got moving.  Sure enough, when we got back to the normal highway, we saw the pilot car.  Two of the girls had never had that fun experience before and hadn't really ever heard of the concept of "pilot car."  I grew up in South Dakota (home of 2 seasons:  winter and road construction) and lived 4 years in Alaska, so I am well acquainted with them.  But I'm curious.  How many of you have ever had to wait for a pilot car?

We finally got to the next shop, Rose Patch Creations.

I entered and all of my restraint went right out the window.  Image a quilt shop filled with all of your favorite kinds of fabric!  This is it for me!

Look at all of these red fabrics!  I was in Heaven.  This doesn't even show all the Civil War reproductions in the front part of the shop.  We had a great deal of enabling going on in this shop.  We were all clustered around the cutting table, "oooing and ahhing" over everyone's selections and then getting some cut for ourselves.  It was really fun.  And one of our group won the prize here, too!

This is my purchases from that shop.  Just a warning:  they take the "rose" theme a bit to heart and scent the shop like roses.  It wasn't so bad inside, but our purchases transferred the scent to the car.

It was another short drive to the final shop.
This is Lib's Place in Rice, VA.  It is full of fabric, but also yarn, scrapbooking supplies and gift items.  You can't really tell from the photo, but it is in a fun building that is reminiscent of an old country store.  Hanging over the railing of the shop was this gorgeous quilt.
Isn't it lovely?  As I got a closer look, it was surprising to see that it was tied, not quilted.  It actually added to the "antique" look of the quilt.

I found things at that shop, too.  See the great patriotic fabric that is sort of "cut your own jelly roll?"  I haven't seen that before, so I got some.  I think it will be neat to cross-cut the strips and use them for binding. The tan fabric is covered with stars.  One of the other ladies won the drawing here!

By the time we finished here, it was after 4.  We set off toward Richmond.  On the outskirts, we encountered this:
A wonderful Hobby Lobby!  We don't have one in our area and I knew there was one in the Richmond area, but I didn't dream we would be going right by.  Needless to say, we stopped!  They have lots of craft stuff and great fabric, but also a huge selection of decorating items and furniture.

Luckily for me, they already had Patriotic items out.  They always have a great selection.  I found these two things which needed to come home with me.  The base of the gnome says "God Bless America."

After Hobby Lobby we stopped for a nice supper and then drove the rest of the way home.  It was a wonderful day filled with friends, fabric, and fun.  What could be better?

Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What Am I Sewing Now?

Hi Everyone,

As much as I'm dying to dive headfirst into Talkin' Turkey (from my Bonnie Hunter class--did I mention that I had a class with her last week?) I've been busy with garment sewing--in particular the ice skating costume for my niece.  I mentioned it before and asked if any of you had any advice on sewing a zipper into 4-way stretch Lycra.  The only response I got was not what I was looking for, but still great:  Kathy from Kindred Quilts said that "asking a quilter to sew clothing is like asking Picasso to paint your living room in one color!"  She is, of course, dead on, but nonetheless, I agreed to take on the project.

Today as I was running over 2 hours worth of errands, one of the stops included the fabric store for MORE SEQUINS.  The clerk cutting them for me asked about how I sewed them so I told her I've been zig-zagging over the top of them with monofilament thread onto Lycra.  She said she has sewn with lots of Lycra, but never with sequins.  I took a stab and asked if she put a zipper into a Lycra garment and she said "yes!"  I asked her if she had any tips.  She didn't, other than saying she would zig zag it on.   Then she told me that she sews lots of costumes made of Lycra for...   ...hold on to your hats for this one...     ...male exotic dancer costumes!  Huh!  I bet she does sew in zippers and goodness knows what else!  It was on the tip of my tongue to ask her about "studs" but I decided to stay on my best behavior!

Anyway, here is some of my process:

I am sewing on yards of sequins to this dress.  Here's a mix for you:  sequins, Lycra, and monofilament thread.  Are any of those favorites for you to work with?  I found that if I take my time and go slow, I still screw it up!  No, it just seems that way.  I have broken an entire package of size 90 stretch needles, though.  Two were right in a row.  It's probably a good thing that no one was home but me.

I needed several rows and was considering my choices in marking the spacing when I had a great idea:  I would use the width of my pressure foot to space them.  It worked like a charm, mostly because the pressure foot won't go over the top of the sequins, so I can't get the rows closer together.  The only huge hint here is to make sure the "nap" of the sequins is going the correct way, otherwise, your pressure foot will catch every single sequin.

I worked quite a bit on it today and the end is getting in sight!   I even got the zipper sewn in.  I wasn't able to use the clerk's tip of zig zagging it, though, as my zipper foot only allows for a straight stitch. I am longing for cotton and quilt making!

Speaking of cotton, have you seen all the cute fabric that has come out lately?  In particular, Pam Buda's newest line?  She was kind enough to design it in red, cream, and blue!  The Fat Quarter shop actually sent me a 20% off code in appreciation for my business!  If that isn't enough, I'm off with my friends all day on tomorrow (Thursday) for an area shop hop.  Just the driving will take us over 6 hours to get to the 4 shops we plan to visit.  It's called the Scenic Route Shop Hop and it is.  Last year when we went the dogwood and wisteria were blooming.

One of my friends is considering moving with her husband to a more remote location.  They found a lovey place in the Tellico Plains, Tennessee area.  They were so busy looking at property that she wasn't able to check into the local quilting opportunities.  She asked me if I would check with all of you.  Do any of you know the area--it is southish of Maryville and Knoxville?  She is wondering if there are any shops, guilds, or bees in the area.  Any tips you have would be great!

I better run.  I need to go upstairs and look at my fabric stash to remind myself that I need absolutely NOTHING from the 4 quilt shops we will be visiting.  We'll see how much I come home with.  If you are following me on Instagram, I will keep you posted all day long.

Have a great day!