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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Busy Days

Hi Everyone!

I have been busy the past few days.  On Tuesday I worked an election.  It was a primary for one party and there were only two entries on the ballot--a choice between two for LT. Governor and a choice between two for Attorney General.  There were seven of us working the precinct.  We arrived at 4:45 AM to set up everything so that the polls could open at 6 AM.  We have a really good group of people (they've all been doing it for years--I'm the "newbie") so we were easily set up in plenty of time.  Our precinct has just over 4000 registered voters.  The polls were open until 7 PM.  We suspected that turnout would be small, BUT it even surprised the experienced workers.  We had 55 people vote.  All Day! 55!  I'm so disappointed that more people didn't vote.  At any rate, even though we didn't have much to do through the day, it was fun visiting with everyone.  At the end of the day I got the best compliment ever when they all agreed that I couldn't move away.

Yesterday the air conditioning that has been out for three weeks upstairs finally got fixed!  We have been very patient with the landlords but it was getting tough the past week as the heat and humidity has increased.  It is nice to have my sewing room nice and cool again!

The workers left in time for me to head out to a hair appointment.  I have not been too thrilled with the first stylist I visited, but I was tying to hang in there.  First she offended me by using a term that I found really offensive, but then last time she overbooked her time and her next client arrived while I wasn't even half done so that client had to wait while she hurried through and then didn't even cut my hair--just trimmed the bangs.  I decided that I had given her plenty of chances, but I needed to find someone else.  Luckily I was at lunch with some friends shortly after this "last straw" and one of my friends recommended her stylist.  She is pretty busy, though, so I had to wait a bit to get in, but my, it was worth it!!!  I loved her!  I really think finding a good stylist who also suits my personality is the biggest challenge when moving.  Our conversation was even lively and entertaining!  She reads lots of books, too, and so we discussed favorite authors and each learned about a few "new" ones to us.  I love that!  I'm always looking for a great book.

Today I have a whole list of errands to run.  We are leaving tonight for a short trip for a family wedding.  It is going to involve flying!  I'm no longer a huge fan of flying.  I really don't like getting crammed in seats designed for shorter people!  I just keep reminding myself that driving all that way would be long and boring!  Having a miserable, short trip seems better than a long, boring one. 

I found another fun item in the store the other day!  I love finding new, fun patriotic things, so when I saw these, they had to come home with me.

Have a great day! 


  1. I know very well about finding new stylist and woes of. I now drive back to where I sold my home for my gal. I really want to find a new one but after giving a gal here a few chances I just wanted my gal and it took me a bit to find her in the first place. Same goes for our PCM and dentist...driving back to old haunts until we get our home built I guess. Best hairdresser I ever had was in a quaint village while stationed in Englad. Never have found one who compares.
    Safe travels!!!!

  2. I think we all agree about our stylists. Mine isn't perfect all the time but then I do have hair that has a mind of it's own. Been going to Misty for six years and wouldn't think of changing at this point. Love the shoes, have to have some, I think I see a Keds label so maybe I can find them.

  3. I've gone to the same hairstylist for many years and I don't care how much she charges! I will pay whatever it is. I've gotten enough bad haircuts over the years and when I find one I like, that's where I go. Love the shoes!

  4. My hair is short and curly so you'd think it would be easy to find someone to cut it ... not so! Seems like most stylists want me to be a "helmet head" and use a blow dryer, etc. NO!! I am a wash and wear girl ... it dries on its own and curls nicely on its own ... just CUT it so that it can do its thing ... what is so difficult about that!! LOVE the shoes ... adorable! Thanks for covering the election. I did that a few years ago and people don't realize how much work (and tiring) it can be. Up REALLY early and the day is VERY long ... it's also not over when the polls close because you need to count and then transport the ballots ... a lot of work but so very, very necessary in this wonderful country! Thanks again for that!!

  5. It took me 7 hairdressers to get the right one - it is worth the effort( despite the 6 previous dodgy haircuts!) Great shoes!

  6. Sad that you had barely 1% turnout on the vote! What's wrong with people!? But I'm so glad the crew there appreciates you! That's awesome! Makes getting up that early worth it, right!?! :o)

    LOVE the shoes! So fun! And I'm glad you finally found a great stylist! Woot! And you gave that first gal MORE than enough chance! I'd have left after the first incident! You're awesome!

  7. Having a good stylist to go to is worth her weight in gold! I'm glad you found someone... believe me when I say I feel your pain! Those shoes are adorable and perfect for you! I'd say things are going your way... shoes, new hairdo, good stylist= happy day!

  8. 55 people??? Such a shame! I love my hair stylist, a good one is worth their weight in gold!!! I'm pretty sure most women would agree! Your shoes are too cute!! I once found a pair of flip flops at Old Navy that were flags...the right one had the stars on it and the left had the stripes!