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Friday, March 25, 2011

New Project Underway

I am cruising along on my new project.  I still don't have any teaser photos though.  In your mind, imagine that I need 448 1.5" finished HST (half square triangle units).  I don't mind cutting for those HSTs, or sewing, or pressing, but the "squaring up" isn't my favorite.  It always seems like my rotary cutter is dull or something when I'm trying to trim them.  But, the results will be worth it.

It is going so much better now that I've started a new audio book.  Maybe you are curious about what I'm listening to--remember that I have to listen to something I've already read (I made the mistake of trying to listen to something new, once, and I ended up sitting in my living room doing nothing but listening for a day and a half!)  I decided to listen to Shelters of Stone, the "latest" Jean Auel Earth's Children Book.  Why?  Because as of Tuesday, it will no long be the latest!  YES!!  I've been under a rock or more likely, deployment drama, so I had no idea until the other day that the new book is finally coming out.  It is the 6th book in a series that started nearly 30 years ago, and I can't remember the exact release date of Shelters, but it was when we lived in El Paso, from where we moved 7 years ago.  I've read it once or twice since the first time when it came out, but not in the recent past, so I thought I should refresh myself prior to the new book release.  My prediction is that I'll get quite a lot of sewing done up until Tuesday, and then nothing for a day or so after....   Oh, and on an "audio book" note, I've discovered that despite the fact that I've read this book, when it comes to an er... "steamy" scene, and despite the fact that I'm home alone, I blush and get embarrassed!  I would die if anyone else were around.  Isn't that funny?!

I ventured out last night to bunco and had a great time!  I think our screams echoed around Palm Circle!  The food was a salad bar and I skipped wine to just drink water AND I only ate one Snickers at the tables, but I woke up feeling yucky anyway.   I can't win!  Oh, and I can't win at bunco, either!  Nothing new there.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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