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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Postcards, Organization, and Transportation

Yesterday I spent the day up in my quilt room working away on a project that really needs to get done. I like it, but a few weeks ago, after I got several of the blocks done, I laid it out to see how it would look and then promptly lost all the excitement over it.  It isn't that I don't like it, I do--I just lost all my motivation.  I had put it away to work on postcards the past couple weeks.  Have you made any of these?  They are totally addicting and fun!  Here are a few I completed Tuesday. 

After finishing these on Tuesday, I had to clean up my sewing area!  I can work in a cetain amount of mess, but when it reaches a "that" point, I have to clean up.  I have been frustrated up there with the amount of space--I ran out.  So, after I tidied up, I started looking at how things were arranged, stored, utilitized, etc.  I purged a small amount, rearranged, and then when I came upon some bins containing non-quilting/scrapbooking items, I moved on to our storage area to see if I could fit those items in somewhere else.  I did!  That was just the space I needed to fit things in better.  My main problem was that I recently started hand-dyeing and so had piles of fabric that wasn't in my stash previously AND I got my Christmas present last week--a Janome Jem which also needed a "home." 

Tuesday morning we had dropped off my car to get repaired--multiple things were "going on" and so it had to stay overnight until yesterday afternoon.  Despite the fact that I rarely go anywhere, I felt "marooned" so it was nice to get it back.

My goal today is to finish the major project I was working on yesterday and be able to post a picture tomorrow!  I have about half the blocks put together--so it should be fairly easy.  This quilt has the blocks on point--my least favorite way to constuct a quilt--I seem to always make mistakes!  What I do know:  it is staying all laid out across the floor until all the blocks are put together!

Have a great day, everyone! 

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