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Friday, March 11, 2011

Surviving the Tsunami

As many of you know, last night at 8 pm our time, a devastating earthquake hit Japan, and the images of their tragedy are horrific.  We are praying for them.  At 9 pm, we were under a tsunami watch and at 10 it switched to a warning.  Sirens blew, we prepared, we stayed up until 12:30.  We napped until 3 am, when the waves were supposed to hit.  It didn't seem too bad on O'ahu, so we went back to sleep around 4.  It turns out that the waves got worse as they progressed through the islands.  The Kona coast of the Big Island got the worse--waves as high as 11 feet, at least one house washed away, other damage, but we are okay.  We are staying home so far today.

I'm sorry to say that when all the drama began last evening, I was cutting out a quilt.  I'm one of the people who suffer with context and association, so now when I look at those pieces, all I "see" is the tsunami.  So, maybe I'll sew it together or maybe I'll pitch the whole works and start again.  I tried sewing this morning, but am too antsy to settle to anything. 

Last night, after the sirens started wailing, we filled the tubs with water, and pitchers and sinks, etc.  Most of that is for washing or flushing in case we lost water--we do have lots of bottled water for drinking.  I have lots of empty tupperware containers and eventually I started filling all of them.  I didn't think it would be that bad here, but then I would think about all those empty containers and then what would happen if it was bad and we needed water and how I would feel if I knew I could have filled them and didn't.  So I would fill a few and then reason would interrupt and I would stop, but the the other thoughts would come back, so I filled more.  Luckily we don't have to pay our water bill here.... 

Have a good weekend everyone!

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  1. you're smart to be prepared but we just don't do it anymore. too many years of false alarms i guess. we're gonna get burned badly one of these days.