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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Slow Start to the Day

Ever have one of those days where everything you touch goes to heck?  I'm using the term "heck" here in the same way that the cartoon strip, Dilbert uses it.  In the strip, the devil will damn you to heck for minor infractions like stealing pens form work, etc.  So while I didn't ruin anything severe, or do any real damage, I just wasn't having a good quilting day.

I started out thinking I needed some goals for the week.  Since it isn't going to be a good week, I decided to just work on small finishing things.  Here is what I came up with:

1.  finish Alex's quilt--I just have to rip out the miters, trim the borders and add the corner pinwheels. 
2.  get the labels made for my quilt show entries
3.  actually enter my quilts in the show

I started ripping on Alex's quilt while I had workmen here.  When they left, I went up and worked on labels.  This is where "heck" intervened and I had to throw one away because it looked terrible.  At that point, I decided to leave things alone for a while so I went downstairs and watched a movie. 

Later in the afternoon I went back up to try again.  This time things worked out and now the labels are all pinned on and I just need to watch another movie and handsew them on.  Once that is done, I will enter them.  I'm making myself have them all ready prior to filling out the entry forms, so I don't have to worry about any last minute crisises.

After that, I was feeling more confident again and proceeded to construct a small patriotic wallhanging for my Mom to use in her silent auction.  It was so quick and easy because I had a big pile of flag blocks already done.  I even have some leftover binding that will work perfectly!  I plan to quilt it today and hopefully bind it and then work on Alex's quilt. Here is a teaser photo of some of the elements:

Our week is not good because on Sunday, my husband leaves for some training at McDill AFB in Tampa and from there to Fort Benning where he will prepare for deployment and then depart for Afghanistan.  He will only be gone for 6 months (thankfully) but it is still really difficult.  I'm going to miss him!


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