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Friday, March 18, 2011

At last, an alternative to getting Best Press shipped to Hawaii?

I was browsing at Target last night (no, I don't advise doing this unless you are prepared to spend oodles of money.  Target browsing can be hazardous to your pocketbook) when I came across this.

All ideas of purchasing the cow-shaped creamer, the fabulous blue lamp, and more organizing bins immediately departed.  (See, I told you browsing can be dangerous!)  I bought it, and do you see the white sticker residue?  That was a coupon for $1 off if you also bought a bounce dryer stick.  They seemed much more expensive than they are at the commissary, but then I saw that they had just the refill stick and better yet (!!!) they had "unscented!"  Have you tried the dryer sticks?  They are fabulous.  No more do you have to wonder if you remembered to put in the dryer sheet, or totally forget the dryer sheet so you have a staticky mess, or either throw in another sheet to be safe or dig around in the wet laundry searching.  Oh, and no more throwing out a used dryer sheet, although they were very useful to use to rub off the lint on the lint trap.  But really, since I've been using them, I can't believe how much time I spent worry about the dryer sheet, LOL.  I must be forgetful or something,,,,  I can't remember.  Anyway, where was I?  Oh yes, the best part of the dryer sticks?  Since I started using them a year ago last October I've only used three.  My only critisism was that they didn't have unscented.  But now they do!

Okay, back to the ironing spray.  It is not aerosol!  I tried it out on half of a piece of fabric, and used Best Press on the other half.  I can't tell a difference in the feel--both have that wonderful crispness with no gummy residue.  The only difference is in the scent.  I love the Carribean Tropical scented Best Press and the Bounce smells more like...  well, a dryer sheet.  However, if it means I no longer half to haul bottles home from the mainland, or try to order them, I think I can live with it.  The price was $3.79 if I remember correctly.  I'm going to check the commissary, though, to see if they have it yet.  It must be pretty new because I looked for information about it on the Bounce website, and they don't even have it listed. 

If any of you try it, let me know what you think!


  1. I order my best press by the gallon. The site I order from can fit two best press gallons in a large flat-rate box for $12.95 The cost of the Gallon is $35. If you go together with someone, it would be great. I would offer to share with you, but I just opened the gallon I got a little while ago.

  2. Niagra also makes a Best Press equivalent...I love it.