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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Border Corners and Cleaning

I must say that it is a good thing I have such great quilting friends here, because they got me back on track with Alex's quilt.  Joan and Kim reminded me that it looks great and I don't have to replace the yellow and orange.  They give it "pop." And of course, they are right.  Thanks ladies!!!  Joan also suggested a pinwheel block for the corner squares instead of a plain block, and that was the perfect solution, too.  I came home from my Tuesday bee and promptly started auditioning, thinking, and constructing, and then I was a bit stymied again.  I wasn't sure which pinwheel I liked best. 
It took all day, but I finally decided which one I liked best and made three more.  I was all set to finish yesterday, but I got an email from my Mom, whose political party is having a fundraiser and she wanted some patriotic items to donate and for some reason, she thought of me!  So, I spent my quilting time yesterday working on some fabric postcards.  I would post a photo, but then you would see which party it is, and I don't want to publish that.  I have another design in the works, as well, and that can be shown when I finish it.

Yesterday I also got bitten by the cleaning bug.  Yes, it happens every once in a while, usually when I'm not expecting it, but I try to go with it.  It started out innocently enough, I was trying to use the printer.  I have a laptop downstairs, which wirelessly prints upstairs at my husband's computer area.  He has a desktop there, and there are 2 printers, a external harddrive, etc.  Also he has a work laptop, and a new laptop.  All of it was mangled in a mess.  I started tidying up.  I must have found 5-6 ipod or other download cords, some random cords and chargers not in use, even a redundant power strip, and 12 or more "you burn them" cds.  (I have no idea how to burn a cd, so they aren't mine!)  His usual cordless mouse needed new batteries (complete with some orphan batteries) so there was a corded one with the cord stretch over the counter.  There were cords everywhere!!!  When he first set up everything, he was going to get around to dealing with them later.  Well, that was over a year ago!  I tidied, and then dusted, and then asked if he could do something about all the cords.   I smiled sweetly, said "please," and batted my eyes at him, so he couldn't really refuse w/o seeming to be a real jerk, poor guy, so he sighed and got to work.  I wish I had taken a "before" photo, but I didn't realize what remarkable difference it would be.  Here is the "after" picture.

It was his idea, and I am freely complimenting him because it was brilliant, to move the printers to the right side of the counter.  Previously, they were on the left.  This meant that to use the printers, add paper, change cartridges, etc. you had to crawl over the chair.  (What you can't see is that this area is a little nook fronted by the staircase railing, so you can't just walk around the chair.)  You can see a few cords, neatly bundled.  "Before" there were about 85 stretched across the counter so you could hardly see any of the surface.  Okay, maybe I exagerate, but not by much!  Anyway, it may not seem like much, but it is an incredible improvement to me.  He grumbles that it was fine before, but I think he really likes it, too!
Can I just say that I hate a tangled cord mess?  I wish everything could be wireless, but I guess power cords can't work that way.  What also bugs me is having piles of cds, unlabeled!, laying around.  Are they empty?  Are they used?  Are they trash?  Can I throw them away?  Please?  LOL.  I guess my husband collects software and computer cds the way I collect fabric so I just pick them up and stack them in the closet.  Not unlike how I store fabric!

Have a great day, everyone!

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