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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Trying to get into the swing of things

I'm back.  I know I haven't blogged for a few days, mostly because I haven't had too much to say.  I've been struggling in the quilt room.  I started fooling around with a few things, working on the Decoy Schnibbles (but I'm hating my fabric choices, so I think I'm going to start again with that) starting and not finishing some postcards.  I just haven't had any focus and it is driving me nuts.  I finally figured out that one of the problems might be that I wasn't listening to an audio book.  I usually do while I sew and now I think I'm starting to depend on it?  At any rate, I went to itunes and downloaded a few new books, so I'm set.  I've also started a new project--one that I'm excited about--and can hopefully show some photos soon.

While I was at a loss for something to do, the doorbell rang and it was Fedex with a big ole' box from Amazon.  Just what the doctor ordered!  One of the books was this:

It is our book club's latest selection.  We have been wanting to do a hawaiiana book, and someone chose this.  It is a fictional novel set on the backdrop of Hansen's Disease and Kalaupapa.  The subject matter can be a bit grim, but the author did a pretty good job of creating good characters and so it was good.  Don't characters really make the book?  That is true for me.  And even if they are "well drawn," if I don't like them, I don't enjoy the book. 

Another quick comment:  Isn't Skype awesome?  I have never used it before and now I can video talk with Dale while he is still in Tampa.  Very Cool.

I'm off to get my day underway so I can get into the quilt room.  I'm excited again and loving it!  (Drat, why didn't I do housework when I was "blocked?!")


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