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Monday, March 7, 2011

Alex's Quilt

On Friday, I did straighten up my quilting room before deciding which new project to start.  It really wasn't a difficult decision.  At Christmas time, my 5 year old neice, Alexandra, asked me if I would make a quilt for her to hang on the wall in her bedroom.  It wasn't a matter of "if" so much as "what."  I didn't immediately have something in mind, so I filed the request away to ponder.  A few weeks ago, there was a blog tour for this book:
And with all the photos of the projects featured, I settled on one for Alex.  Fabric choices were next, and since she is a 5 year old girl, this means purple and pink.  I looked around and decided on Moda's Happy by Me and My Sisters as well as some other Me and My Sisters designs from Dilly Dally, etc. I got the top done and started on the borders.  I am going to blog about the borders tomorrow.

The weekend was good.  My husband went diving Saturday morning and so I was able to finish (maybe) the top for Alex's quilt and piece the back.  On Sunday we were able to go snorkeling in the afternoon, so that was good.  He will be home on leave all this week, so hopefully we can do some fun things, other than taking care of taxes, other paperwork, and any more prepartions we have to make prior to his abscence.


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  1. Can't wait to see the quilt! I love that fabric line.