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Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend in Review

I guess the title of the post should be "Weekends in Review" since I didn't post last week at all.  Here is what I did the previous weekend:
Yes, these are hundreds of four patches.  And they aren't done.  Each and every one needs a triangle sewn to each side to make them a "four patch in a square."  And then they need to be "squared up."  Yea, it is getting just a bit tedious.  I also competed over 400 half square triangles as well.

Yesterday, I went to Haleiwa on the North Shore and visited my favorite farmer's market.  Here are some of the things I got:
Yum, corn on the cob.  They were my dinner last night.  Yep, just the corn.  When I grew up in South Dakota during sweet corn season, quite often you just had corn for a meal--maybe with bread or sliced tomatoes or cucumbers, etc.  Whatever was ripe in the garden.

Check out this beauty:
I have big plans for this luscious tomato--they also include bacon and lettuce!  I can't think of a better idea, can you?

After the farmer's market, my friend Doreen, and I had breakfast and went browsing in some of the nice shops, had a shave ice (my favorite is tangerine, cherry, and lilikoi) and then we went to the beach to see if there were any turtles, and there was one out basking.  Here he is:
There were quite a few more in the water and as we were watching, wondering if any more would come onto the sand, a surfer came in to the beach and as he was standing about waist-deep, preparing to get out of the water (he was in an area where we were watching 3 turtles) one of the turtles "goosed" him and he jumped!  It was pretty funny to see.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day out and it had been several weeks since I had sand between my toes, so it was a lovely day.

When I got home in the afternoon, I did laundry.  Yep, as I mentioned to Doreen earlier in the day, "We may live in paradise, but we still have to do the laundry!"  (And the rest of "daily life.")


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  1. "We may live in paradise, but we still have to do the laundry!" HOW FUNNY!