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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Completed Patriotic Quilt

A while ago I blogged about completing this quilt top.

I decided to have it custom quilted so I sent it to Sandi and I got it back last week!  I bound it and have been waiting for the opportunity to photograph it to share with you all.

When visulaizing the quilting that I wanted, I knew the border would be a large focus.  With the applique in two of the corners, I wanted more elaborate quilting in the empty corners.

 My other desire was to have the applique outlined, so it would puff up.  I also wanted feathers or stars--I didn't want to introduce any other shape.  Other than that, I let Sandi decide what she wanted.
I love the background quilting around the star blocks.  It is "McTavishing" which I had heard of but was unfamiliar with.  I need to try it myself!
 I love the feathers!  She did such a great job on the quilting!  I'm really pleased.

This is the border with the applique.  I really wanted the piano keys when I saw them on another quilt that she quilted.  I know they were a bit tedious for her, but they look so awesome.  I really like that they contribute a "stripe" motif to this patriotic star quilt!

 The empty corners of the border are filled with curvy feathers.  I love, love the transitions between them and the piano keys.

A picture of the back--because that is where you really get the full impact of all the quilting.  You can see on the back the cables that she quilted into the navy borders.  I LOVE what Sandi did to turn this nice top into a gorgeous quilt! 

We are off for one more Island Hop to the Big Island.  When we get back I will be in full on moving mode.  The packers and movers will be done two weeks from today!  I can't wait.  The chaos that will take over between now and then drives me nuts!  Meanwhile, I'm trying to photograph other quilts that I have made in the past so that I have something to show you this summer.



  1. That's stunning - both your work and your quilter's. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It's lovely :-) Spectacular!! Perfect for this weekend. I hope you manage through the moving madness.

  3. Sandy's work is stunning, but you deserve a lot of the credit for this beauty! Lovely piecing and applique!

  4. Hi JoAnne!

    Thank you so much for linking up your amazing patriotic quilt to the link party! I've always admired those who quilt because of the time and patience involved in making one. Yours is so beautiful and I love the applique you did!

    Following you now and looking forward to seing much more on your blog!
    Have a great week!

  5. Oh so beautiful. I was just looking at a very old quilt similar to the one you have made. I almost bought it. The center of it was not in very good shape. Love your quilt you have done a beautiful job on it.