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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Reality Check

I'm sorry if I seemed to be whining yesterday.  Goodness, but it seems that it has been nothing but frustration this past week!  I got my zipper yesterday after the bee.  They didn't have the piping I needed so I made my own.  I started the project I needed it for and was zipping right along and then hit a brick wall.  The measurements of my piece were nowhere near what the instructions said.  (The project was on a blog.)  After I double and triple checked myself, I contacted the author and sure enough, she had made a mistake. Not only were the cutting instructions wrong, but so was the length of the zipper, so I have to go back out today for a new one!  I also thought I didn't have enough fabric, but I was able to invisibly piece some together so it is good.  This project is so cool--thus the perservering!  I WILL get it done!

I do have a question for you all.  My "followers" seemed to disapear from my blog?  Does anyone know why?  I tried searching for the problem but didn't find any obvious solution.  I tried removing and adding it again.  I also noticed that somewhere in my profile or setting, where there is a list of followers, the list was also empty.  (I also had 2 other computer "issues" the past three days.  UGH, they are the worst, aren't they?)

Well, I'm off to kill time until the fabric shop opens.  Hopefully I will get to water aerobics again today.  It is so much fun to be working out in a pool right next to the dock of a navy base.  You never know what sort of ships you may see coming or going!



  1. Oh, JoAnne, whine all you want! I admire your tenacity! Can't wait to see that project all finished! ....I've been doing water aerobics lately - LOVE IT! I keep telling my hubbs that it's really a great workout, but he thinks it's just girls standing around in the pool! Have a great day -

  2. I keep reading that Blogger is eliminating the follower gadget but haven't seen anything specific about it. You might want to check that!

  3. You have 32 followers listed under your header that I see. I don't know why you can't see them. I'm looking forward with curiosity your project.

  4. Do you mean certain followers are gone, or the whole list? Cuz here's the thing......I realized I had followed some blogs twice! (Not yours.) And I went back and deleted myself from some so their was just one of me on their list. I probably looked like they lost a follower, but really not. Is that happening to you?