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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chaos Is Upon Me

I know I've been a bit absent lately but I am knee-deep in the move.  Literally.  I began last week taking down all the pictures from the wall--they are piled in one corner.  I also took down all the quilts I had hanging and washed them and they are stacked in another corner.  Within hours of both projects, I was already going crazy with the chaos.  I just have a hard time with lots of disorder!  And I used to be the kid with the messiest room when I was young!

We escaped over the weekend, though.  We had a really lovely trip over to Kona on the Big Island.  We snorkled and he dived and we relaxed and the "four-letter words" of the trip, and thus unmentionable were: move, sort, work, toss, pile, mess, etc.  We came home Sunday afternoon and within 30 minutes the chaos had me stressed out again.

Today is already Wednesday and we have a pickup on Friday of our "unaccompanied baggage."  This means things that don't fit in a suitcase but that you would really like to have when you get there.  The idea is that you will get it quicker than your other household goods.  The thing is that the stuff you want right away is also the stuff you would like up until the end.  I'm thinking that the whole process of sorting that stuff out and making decisions isn't worth it, but we are committed.  Of course, that stuff is a whole other pile taking up most of the front living room. 

Today I'm trying to gear up to go upstairs and start disassembling my sewing room!  Ugh!  I'm thinking it will be easier with an audiobook--one of my favorites so I don't have to listen too hard and can still concentrate on making decisions.  Who shall keep me company?  Lizbeth Salander?  Harry Potter? or Katniss Everdeen?  I guess I'll have to see when I get up there.



  1. Good luck with sorting your sewing room! Is your sewing machine going in unaccompanied baggage so you can have it right away?

  2. I wish you luck with your packing. I know it took me nearly 3 weeks to pack last time we moved. I think you will need a holiday when you've done.Hugs Melanie

  3. That sure is a tough one to figure out...the stuff you want to use first is the last stuff you can do without.

    Good luck with all the packing.

  4. Sorry your in a mess of things right now! Best of luck with the move!

  5. Hi JoAnne! So glad you stopped by today. I must tell you, my husband and I are from St. Joseph, MI and my parents brother and Mom-in-law live there. It's a small world, isn't it? Have a great day!

  6. I feel your pain. I have been spending many hours helping a friend pack and downsize to move from a house of 30 years to a retirement apartment. I can see it is tough letting go and all I keep thinking of is, what will I be like when it is my turn...Good luck with the move. Hope it goes smooth...