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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sunset and Seaglass

The other evening we went to the beach for sunset.  The beach we went to is way over on the west side of the island.  It was a gorgeous evening.  There were a lot of clouds, so the sunset wasn't the best.
There was a little bit of color and then the sun dropped behind the clouds and that was it.

 This was as good at it got, but still quite pretty.

A little "wave action."  Can't you just sit and watch the waves break for ages?  They are never the same twice.  It is so relaxing.

Here is a photo of my "treasures."  Down in the bottom, you can see the 2-3 pieces of turquoise sea glass that I found.  They are fairly rare.  I find aqua quite often, but rarely turquois.  There was also a nice piece of white that I gave to my MIL.  Do you see that small chunk of something other than glass just above the large green piece on the right?  It is a tiny shard of pottery.  It does not have a pattern on it, but we have found some pieces of blue willow at this same beach.  This used to be our favorite beach for sea glass, but then we found another. 

This is a result of a sunset at our favorite sea glass beach.   What I like about the glass at this beach is that it is much more polished and rounded.  You don't, however, find much green here.  I think that is interesting.  There is a magic time just at sunset when the light shines on the white pieces and makes them glow--making them much easier to find.



  1. I used to collect sea glass when I was a teenager and had more time to roam the beach. My friends and I used to have a little competition to see who could find the best piece.You brought back some nice memories.

  2. I used to glass hunt on my morning walks when we lived on the beach in Massachusetts. Most mornings I'd find a good hand full, but I would give it all to my walking buddy, cuz she collected it. I should have kept some! lol

  3. Not a bad haul for an evenings's walk on the beach. I always feel so blissful walking the beach and searching for sea glass. Somehow what seemed so important before takes a back seat for awhile and I lose myself in the "hunt". I'm sure you will miss it when you move.