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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Boxes as Time Capsules

Yes, this is another non-quilting post, but moving seems to be consuming me right now.  If you are still interested, please continue.

We made these boxes when we lived in Arizona in the late 90s.  (Do you find it AMAZING that the nineties were two decades ago?!!  I do.)  They don't take much floor space and do hold things.  They didn't "live" in our house for very long when I realized the top one would hold travel brochures perfectly.  I mean, if we had tried to make a box to hold them, we couldn't have done such a good job.  Anyway, because they fit, I started putting them in it.

It has been crammed full for a a while now and then the other day I was thinking about it and deciding we probably didn't need all those brochures.  So I pulled them out and started a quick scan thinking I would just toss them all.  And then I didn't.  It was so amazing the memories that each one generated.  It was such a "story" of our lives.  We don't travel like other people, only on vacation.  Most of our travel is done when we move.  We will take a trip once in a while, but what I found in this box was just amazing.

The biggest treasure of all is shown below.  Airline tickets!!  Yes, real tickets, not a printout!  More importantly to our family, they are the tickets for my husband to fly home after his year in Korea.  I had no idea we still had these!

I am a purger and have no qualms at getting rid of a lot of things, but I'm going to keep all of this stuff.  I did eliminate duplicates, but I put the rest of it all back into the box where it belongs.


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  1. Wonderful memories... and the perfect place to store them!

    Good luck with your move!!!