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Monday, May 14, 2012

Great Weekend

I hope all mothers out there had a wonderful day yesterday!  It was a three-day funfest for me.  Friday was Military Spouse Appreciation Day.  This does not require any card/flower purchases, it is just a nice chance for my husband to appreciate the fact that I "reluctantly" follow him around to such dreadful places as Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii, you get the idea.  (by the way, that was sarcasm!)  In honor of the day, we went down to Waikiki to sip tropical drinks (for me, beer for him) at the beach while watching sunset and the fabulous fireworks, all while listening to nice live music.  (We actually do this pretty frequently.)

On Saturday was my monthly quilting Bee, so I loaded up and ventured out.  I have such great fun and there is always such great inspiration!  This day I sat next to Kristin LaFlamme.  She is one of the "twelve" in the Twelve by 12 group.  She was doing some improvisational piecing of her scraps.  She had sorted out creamy, yellow, maybe light brown (if I remember correctly) scraps and was just randomly sewing things together into chunks and then cutting the chunks into bricks.  This is something that is WAY out of my comfort zone.  Try as I might, I just can't be random or spontaneous enough.  Some of the combos were a bit wild/bizarre, but when she finished the chunk and cut it into bricks, the wildness disappeared and became really neat!  I enjoyed watching the process because then I may be more inclined to push myself sometime and try it myself.  In fact, I should go upstairs right now and start sorting scraps!  Oh wait, I gave them all away because I'm moving!  (insert the sigh of relief here, ha ha.)

Yesterday, Mother's Day, there was no breakfast in bed.  I was awake first (as usual on the weekends) and came downstairs to start the day.  The phone rang (it was my daughter!!) and I answered and was walking to the sink to get a drink when something scurried!!!  It was a gecko in my kitchen!  Yuck.  I put down the phone and hollered upstairs.  My poor husband, he didn't get to sleep in!  I don't know about you, but I'm not one of those "take Mom out to brunch/dinner" people, so we celebrated in the afternoon by going snorkeling at our favorite spot, Shark's Cove.  No, there aren't any sharks there, or I wouldn't go, ha ha.  We did see two large turtles.

I don't care to go to the beach at what I call the "burning time" (11AM-3PM) so we got there a bit after three and swam for an hour or so.  Then we stopped by Ted's North Shore Bakery to get a treat for after supper, and then went to another beach and walked it looking for sea glass, etc.  We found some nice pieces and even a complete, pretty cowrie shell.  By this time, it was around 5:30 so we stopped at the food truck across from Shark's Cove and had some of their really awesome grilled skewers.  Can Mother's Day in Hawaii get any better than sitting outside, across the road from the beach, watching the waves while eating super yummy food?  I don't.  We went home and after changing we enjoyed our bakery treats while watching Sherlock Holmes on Masterpiece.



  1. So you had a very "adventurous" weekend without the extra adventure on Saturday... sounds like fun... I had fun watching Kristin too. I will miss both of you when you move!

  2. You really make it sound like a Hawaiian Paradise. The closest I get is watching Hawaii 5-0. LOL!
    Speaking of watching, thanks for reminding me about Sherlock Holmes on Masterpiece. Hopefully I can catch a repeat of it on PBS this week.