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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Top Finally Finished

After hauling this around for over a year as my "handwork" project to bees and other quilt groups, I finally completed this top!

This is the overview and below is a detail shot of one of the corners.

Now I'm considering the quilting.  I could do it myself and it would be great.  But, I could get it custom quilted and it would be a masterpiece.  I'm leaning towards the second option right now.  I have only had three quilts custom quilted so far so it isn't something I often do.  The third one is on it's way home now, and I haven't yet seen it.   It is pretty exciting!

It was a gorgeous day in Hawaii today.  I spent it running errands, cleaning the bathrooms, and washing the sheets and hanging them outside to dry.   Sun-dried sheets are somewhere in my top 5 all time things! What are the rest, you may be asking?  They are, in no particular order:  trees, hot baths (NEVER underestimate the power of hot water for making any thing, any situation--aside from a burn--better) quilting, and of course, my beloved husband.



  1. The quilt is gorgeous!! I have a similar should I or shouldn't I with my Swoon quilt right now. Send it out to be quilted or try to do it myself. I hope you post pics of the one you will be getting back soon. :o) Your Hawaiian day and your top 5 things sound great!

  2. Hi JoAnne. I found you through FAFF. Just want to say what a beutiful quilt. Just lovely. I can't believe you only have 18 followers - you have 19 now :)