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Monday, March 19, 2012

Water Bottle Aprons

Did any of you see the cute, cute bottle aprons at Lori Holt's blog Bee in My Bonnet?  Oh my.  I had been waiting for this tutorial for a while now. I love how you can make 4 of them with two 10" squares.  I went another route, though, because I have a committee meeting this week and I wanted to give some out as small "thank yous."  I had a fat quarter of this Hawaii Girls fabric and wanted to use it.  The fabric was a bit more sturdy than normal quilting fabric--in fact, it sort of reminds me of what chef's aprons are made of.  It made nice aprons and I found a cute coordinating fabric for the pockets.  I was able to get 9 aprons cut out of the fat quarter, and some of them were slightly "fussy cut" to capture certain motifs, although I wasn't able to do that for all of them.  Here is the result!

(Yes, that is my ground beef thawing on the counter in the background!--sorry)
Here is a closeup of one of the "fussy cut" ones.

I like how I was able to get the words "Hawaiian Girls" across the bottom.  I'm really tickled with how these came out and plan to make more in the future!  The hardest thing for me was finding the bias tape.  It is the really narrow double-folded.  Here on Oahu, we don't have a JoAnn Fabrics, or other large fabric store.  I found a bit in one local fabric store and some other in a certain nation-wide chain store that features a small fabric/craft area (as well as greeters...)  I don't like that store very much and so you know I must have been desperate!  We stopped by the one near Waikiki on Friday night after the weekly fireworks, so it was near 9 pm.  Wow!  I couldn't believe all the strange people that were in there!  Yikes!  I'm sort of glad my husband was with me.  I found enough of colors that would work, though, so I cranked these out in very little time.

As I sewed all last week and this weekend, I was re-listening to all the Hunger Games books in preparation for the movie.  We have tickets for Friday night! 



  1. Love your bottle aprons! A very nice Thank you gift.

  2. Those are so cute, I thought they were labels on the bottles. I'll have to check out the tutorial.

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