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Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Completely Unoriginal Schnibble

Ta Da!  Presenting "Bibelot," this month's entry into "Another Year of Schnibbles."  No, this isn't the cover of the pattern, I (like Carrie and even Sherrie) used Origins by Basic Grey.

I actually bought the pattern when it first came out because I knew it would be perfect for a friend whose last name begins with "T."  I looked over my choices for fabric, but Origins best reflected the colors/style of their home.  I even made this quilt back last Nov/Dec--long before I joined AYOS. 

Just a note about the fabric:  I have long been a fan of Basic Grey because I'm a scrapbooker, and they designed papers before fabric. With the exception of some brown grungy "solid," this was my first time using their fabric and I love it!  The photos just don't do it justice.  I was so pleased with how it looks that I eagerly bought the new line "Hello Luscious" when it came out.  It is just yummy!

I've been eagerly looking at everyone's pictures of their quilt.  In the directions, Carrie says to randomly position the T blocks.  When I arranged mine on my design wall, I quickly noticed that in my arrangement, some of the T's touched each other, and then there were areas where two of the border strips abutted.  When I looked at Carrie's photo, I saw that she did not let two T's touch or 2 border strips.  I liked the way Carrie did it, so that is how I chose to be "random."  I found it a little challenging to get all the blocks arranged that way--but it was fun!  I'm enjoying seeing  who did a truly random layout and who did a controlled random layout like me (and Carrie.)

I can't wait to see the parade!



  1. This is the best quilt in the entire parade!!

    Okay. I'm a little biased but I really do love your quilt. And I love that you liked the random-ness as I was starting to feel like I was the only one. :)

    I'm with you about the Basic Grey fabrics, they're gorgeous. The funny thing is that their Christmas collections are hugely, hugely popular and they're the ones I like the least. The most recent, Hello Luscious, just might be my favorite. So far. :)

    Great job and thank you!

  2. This looks beautiful! I love those Basic Grey fabrics too! Origins is one of my favorites.