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Monday, July 1, 2013

Big Week

Hi Everyone,

This is a big week!  The Fourth of July is on Thursday, but do you know the really big significance of the next three days?  One hundred and fifty years ago the battle of Gettysburg was fought.  CSPAN 3 is presenting lots of anniversary coverage and we have been watching it.  I have been to the battlefield, but my husband hasn't.  We have a trip planned for October.

Meanwhile, I found this video of old footage from 75 years ago of the 75th anniversary.  Amazingly, there are quite a few of the veterans attending and they must all be close to or in their nineties!  (I say "close to" because there were many instances of young boys in both armies.)

I treated myself to this collection of fabric.  I'm trying to decide on an appropriate project that will showcase the lovely pieces.

Have a great day!


  1. Enjoy your week :-) I think I've found something to add to my cart at Miss Rosie's! So cute! How could I have missed thoes? I'll be ready for next year.

  2. Wow... that video is something! Wow...

    I didn't need to see the Gettysburg fabric line... (must resist)


  3. Love the fabric!! I'll watch for your project!! Looking forward to viewing the video!!


  4. Thanks for that video, JoAnne! Awesome! Have a wonderful and safe 4th!

  5. I enjoyed the video... how wonderful that those CW veterans were able to witness the 75th anniversary. Priceless video... thanks for providing the link. I'm with Freda... I didn't need to see the Gettysburg fabric line either... thanks... I think!