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Monday, July 22, 2013

That's a Lot of Water!

Hi Everyone,

Greetings from Niagara Falls!  We are having a great time.  Yesterday was my birthday and I got to celebrate on the Maid of the Mist.  I have been dreaming of riding it almost since I can remember.  I was so excited when we were getting on that I felt like a kid again!

This is the Maid of the Mist in Horseshoe Falls.  Obviously I wasn't on this one.   But look at the rainbows!  I took this last night.

This is a picture I took when we were in the same position as the boat above!  It was exhilarating and exciting!

Here we are.  My husband doesn't seem likely to trade me in on a new model even if I am a year older!
We went on the tram over the whirlpool today!

And then we went "Behind the Falls." 
The best is the news that Kate had the baby--a boy!  Hopefully they will light the falls blue tonight as we leave tomorrow.
Have a great day!
PS:  I found my phone charger!  It was just like most of you predicted--just a day after I bought a new one.  I got out of the car at one of our stops and there was a cord hanging off my purse.  It was the missing charger.  It must have been down under a seat or something?  I was thinking it was white, like my phone, but it was black--so I probably saw it when I searched in the car, but didn't recognize it.  


  1. Happy belated Birthday. What a wonderful place to celebrate.

  2. Belated Happy Birthday ... we're like fine wine ... getting better, not "older" ... LOL Great picture of you and DH ... you should use on your blog! Enjoy your trip. I remember the Falls when I was a kid, traveling with my grandmother (who was like Auntie Mame!!). GREAT memories! Another checkmark on the Bucket List .... Linda

  3. Your trip sounds like great fun and your photos are fabulous. Happy Belated Birthday!

  4. Happy belated birthday. I was thinking about you when I heard the news about the royal baby, wondering if you were still in the Niagara area to enjoy the "blue" light show. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  5. Sounds like you had a fun birthday--I hope you get to see the blue lights!!

    1. Happy Birthday,Joanne. Wonderful place to celebrate another year. Hubby and I went to Niagra Falls on our honeymoon,---------------- how old fashion is that?

  6. Happy birthday, JoAnne! What a neat place to spend your special day/weekend! Fab photos...

  7. The falls are truly deserving of the word Awesome! Have a great birthday.

  8. Happy Birthday, JoAnne! Enjoy the rest of your trip! Looks like tons of fun!

  9. Happy Birthday! What a celebration! Sharing a birthday with the future Kind of England.

  10. Glad to hear (and see) that you are having fun on your trip. And I dread to think what is hiding under/between the seats in our car!

  11. Wow it looks like you are having a great time. I would love to go there. xx

  12. Happy Belated Birthday JoAnne! What wonderful surroundings to celebrate it in. I remember the Maid of the Mist ride from many, MANY years ago... are the raincoats still yellow? It is a marvel to ride that boat so close to the falls... and how special to see it at night time, lit up in blue for the new prince!

  13. Happy Belated Birthday! I love Niagara Falls too. I think the Canadian side is the better view. Great pics!

  14. Happy Birthday!! Sounds like a great trip!! love your pics!