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Monday, July 29, 2013

A Monday Update

Hi Everyone,

I feel like I've not been focusing on any particular project and instead have been flighty in my quilting.  I had a few projects to catch up on after our vacation.

First off is my version of Nabby's Dowry.  This is Pam Buda's sew along and you can find the details here.  I had completed all the half square triangles and arranged the blocks, but hadn't sewn them together yet.  I got them assembled now so I'm caught up.
My Temecula cake stand blocks.  One per day in July.  I've been doing about 4 at a time.  I'll do the last batch today.  These are really fun to make so I've been savoring them all month.  I can't wait to see how they will be set!  If you are interested in this project, you can find the details here.
Our guild is also having a Challenge.  I can't remember if I shared about it before.  They had a box of 125 crayons and we reached into a bag and selected three (without seeing the colors.)  We could put one back in and trade for another, but then that was it, we had to use those colors only with one neutral.  Anyway, I've had my fabric and plan for months but haven't started.  So yesterday I worked on that.  I will show it when it looks like something. 
And here is an update on the Dresden Doilies. 
I'm working on the smallest dresdens.  There are nine here in the center and then 16 more in the "border."  I have the top row of three already appliqued.  The other 6 are still pinned on.
I tried using the medallion fabric for the centers, but it was too light. I also tried just the plain background color, too.  I found this other red print that looks "lacey" and I thought it was the best option. 
This is where I "eat crow."  Remember how I discussed the pattern directions and the ruler directions and how they didn't seem to match?  I made my large dresdens with 20 blades like the ruler instructions (not 18 like the pattern.)  I didn't think 18 would work.  After I got them all done and appliqued I made my first small one with 20 blades.  It was too big and wouldn't fit in the spot!  Not only that, but the center was too big and looked more like a flower than a dresden plate!  Major crisis.  I decided to use the template in the magazine instead of the ruler and cut out additional pieces and used only 14 as the instructions said.  It can out nice and fit the space!  I thought I would need to recut all the little fan pieces with the template (I had already cut them all with the ruler.)  I was a bit frustrated, so I slept on it.  The next morning, I reread the magazine.  I saw a sentence that said something to the effect that if you use the ruler, you may need to finesse it a bit with pressing.  So I went into my sewing room and removed 6 of the blades from my ring of 20, sewed it back and took it to the ironing board.  It was a bit of a mess and didn't seem like it would lay flat, but as I pressed it carefully, the fullness in the center eased in and it laid flat!  I was sort of amazed!  It turned out looking just like the one I cut with the template.  Lesson learned!  "Follow the directions even if it doesn't seem to make sense!"  I'm also not opposed to admitting when I'm wrong.  I always try to learn from my mistakes.

I also spent time precutting for another project.  At the last minute, I'm going to a quilting retreat on Thursday so I'm trying to get organized and have projects lined up to work on for four days.  I predict I will take way too much, but it is better than running out of things to do.
I need to get back in there and try to make sense of things and reorganize a bit. 
Have a great day!


  1. I didn't think I liked dresden plate quilts but yours is gorgeous!

  2. Those first two SALs are ones I was so proud that I actually resisted, but when I see them here I feel a tinge of regret. : )
    Your Dresden quilt is gorgeous!

  3. Love love love those little cakestands! And your Dresden is gorgeous! The red it perfect! Can't wait to see what you do with the crayon-colors project! Hmmmmmm! And good for you for going back and trying out the instructions. I would never have done it......just been frustrated and bad-mouthing the designer! LOL Have an awesome time at retreat! What fun!

  4. That red you're using for the center of the small plates is a perfect compliment to the fussy cuts you did on the large ones - great fabric! And your Dowry blocks are looking good. Sure wish I'd been patient enough to make more than one of those little basket blocks cuz I sure do like the way they look!

  5. Well done for seeing the fan problem through - we have all been there!
    You have been busy as usual, and I love those first blocks.

  6. Your sew along baskets are so cute, and I love your Pam Buda blocks... I'm kicking myself for not participating in either, but I did print the patterns... so maybe some day! What a chore with the Dresden blocks, but worth the hassle in the end! Can't wait to see the completed flimsy, let alone the finished quilt!
    Have a fun 4 day retreat!!!

  7. You have lots of things going on there! I'm still in love with your dresden quilt and if I had all my sewing stuff out I would be really, really tempted to join you in making it. However, I'll just have to drool over yours! I hope you have a wonderful productive time at your quilt retreat. It's always better to bring too much than to run out of things to do! Have fun!

  8. Your scrappy project blocks are beautiful and I love your mini Dresden. I haven't started on the project yet... so I haven't read the directions. Is it because it should be a different ruler? There is a 15 degree ruler and then the normal 20 degree. (I think those are the numbers) Now I have to go get the pattern and read it! Nice to have a retreat to look forward to!

  9. Love all your project, have debated about joining in on Pam's and Temecula Quilt's sew alongs but trying to stay focused on current projects. Glad I get to enjoy yours though. A little finesse while pressing, now that is a new quilting term----------but it worked.

  10. Have to tell you....loved the eye candy today! Yummy!

  11. JoAnne, your SALs are great!!! I, like many others, have bowed out of SALs for awhile - just too many other projects to work on - I making lap quilts for all the guys in the family for Christmas!! I absolutely think your Dresdans the the prettiest I have ever seen!! Way to go!!