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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Last Minute Stuff

Hi Everyone,

If it weren't for the last minute, I wouldn't get anything done!

This morning I have a board meeting for a military spouses' club.  It never fails that I wait until the morning of to write my report, print out anything needed, etc.  Why do I do that?  And it never fails that there has to be an accompanying glitch with the printer, paper, ink, etc.  I'm finished now, with an hour to spare, so that leaves me time to write this post. 

I didn't work on it yesterday because I was working in my quilt room.  It is another last minute thing.  Our guild has a Block of the Month program, as many guilds do.  In this case, you buy a kit for a quilt block, sew it up during the next month, and bring it back where it is entered into the "pot" and one participant is drawn to win them all.  You can buy as many as you want.  You don't have to return them.  This month the block was red, white, and blue so I purchased 6 of them.  As usual, I waited until just before guild.  Guild is Friday morning, and luckily I began these yesterday.

I love how it turned out, but there are 60 pieces in each one!  And I have 6 to make!  I worked all day yesterday, and I have all the units together.  Can you see how it is sort of a 9-patch with a pinwheel in the middle, a square in a square in the "4 spot" and those weird corner units?  I just need to stitch the 9 units together to complete the blocks, but matching the points is a bit fussy.  I do have 2 blocks totally done.

I'm liking the secondary pattern that will result in stitching them together.  Look how a red pinwheel will form!  I also love the topical look of the navy fabric.  I could make a patriotic, Hawaiian-feeling quilt!

If I get them all done, I will have 6 chances to win.  I have done this before, hoping that increasing my odds will help, but I'm a really unlucky person, so I won't be holding my breath.

Anyway, I have to run now for my meeting.  I need to pick up some stuff for it on the way (I should have done that days ago...)

Since it is Thursday, it is Music Under the Stars concert night.  It is supposed to rain...

Have a great day!


  1. That is a great block - really love the secondary designs that it produces. Very cool! Hope you win them all!!

  2. Does your guild cut out the same kits for everyone? And how many do you make? And how much do you charge per kit? My email is decoratorcarol@gmail.com

  3. Oh, I love that secondary pattern, as well! I'm rooting for you to win!

  4. How appropriate it would be for The Patriotic Quilter to win the R,W, and B blocks!!! Good luck!

  5. I love your block. Is it possible to purchase the pattern? I've been looking for a new pattern for a Quilt of Valor. Thanks!

  6. A woman after my own heart! Why do anything until it absolutely has to be done? Love the patriotic blocks, does your guild do that as a fundraiser? Could you elaborate a little more as to how it works? Thanks

  7. Great block! Love the secondary pattern(s). Hope you win!

  8. Oooo... pin wheel 2ndary pattern! Very cool! Great block and looks fab in RW&B!

  9. That is a great block and I'm impressed if you get 6 of them completed in one day. Good luck winning the pot! I'm pretty unlucky with those things too, but I hope it works out for you, especially with them being RWB!

  10. Attractive blocks - I hope you win the drawing.

    Does this block pattern have a name? Is it available online?