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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Patriotic Project #1

Hi Everyone!

My first patriotic project does not involve quilting.  Have you seen this on Pinterest or in blogland?

I have been drooling over it for more than a year now.  The other day when I went to my local craft store, I spied the flag picks on sale, so I scooped up several  all they had.  The link to the original post can be found here.  The instructions were pretty brief and described the materials more than the technique.

I got a styrofoam wreath of about the size mentioned and opened my picks and starting sticking them in.  I got maybe 75 in and didn't really like it.  I consulted the photo from the blog (above) and realized that I was putting the flags in like this:
When I looked at the inspiration photo, I could tell that the flags were put in vertically, not horizontally.  So I first tried to twist them, but discovered that I broke fewer of the toothpicks by just pulling them out and beginning again.

In this photo, you can see that I am now sticking them in more vertically.  After I did a bunch more, I realized  that you could just look straight through the flags to the Styrofoam.  I didn't want that, so I took them out again and reinserted them in at an angle--so they were leaning to the right a bit.

Here you can maybe see about how far apart they are.

I kept it up, worrying about the last bit--when I would have to tuck them under the area where I began.  Since they were "leaning," I thought it may be tricky, but it wasn't.

Here it is--all complete.  I think I used more than 300 flags--probably closer to 350.  You can still see a bit of white under the flags, but it will be okay.  I have it hanging on my front door for the photo, but since I don't have a storm door, it will be exposed to wind and rain, and I don't want it to get damaged, so I will probably hang it inside. 

It was a fairly easy project, once I figured out exactly how to do it. 

I hope you all have a great day!


  1. This is fantastic! I'm going to look for those little flags now! Thanks for the tips on how to place them.....I'm sure it would have taken me a LOT longer to figure it out! :o)

  2. How cute! Looks great on the door.

  3. Super cute! Love your patriotic projects!! Can't wait to see the next!!


  4. LOVE!!!!!!! Looks awesome!!!

  5. This is wonderful, I have to try it. Off to Hobby Lobby I go.

  6. That looks so cute for not only Mem. Day but also the 4th of July! I'm kind of dying to try making one now. :D Looks like something a little one could help with too. Thanks for sharing it! Love how it turned out. xo

  7. OMG! This is the cutest wreath! Such a great idea!

  8. Well, this looks great! And so very necessary for your household. LOVE IT!

  9. Hi JoAnne,
    I have seen this on Pinterest and always loved it. I think yours turned out great!. Thanks for sharing it at the patriotic link party.

  10. That is cute! Love the way it turned out!

  11. I <3 patriotic and your pretty flag wreath! Pinned