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Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

Hello Everyone,

I hope this Memorial Day finds you with family or friends.  When I was growing up, we spent considerable time in the week before this day making planters to set on family graves.  It was a time of learning about family history and respect for the dead.  Both of my grandmothers figured prominently into my Memorial Day memories.  One grandma still called today "Decorataion Day."  I think it is fairly fitting that they both passed away on Memorial Day--one six years ago and one just last year. 

This is also a time to remember our war dead, and pay them the honor they deserve.   We were just visiting a few Civil War battlefields and the scale of death was incredible!  Luckily for our country, we have always had men and women willing to sacrifice for our country and because of that, we have the best country in the world.

Beginning today, it is 39 days until the 4th of July.  During that time, I have decided to focus exclusively on patriotic projects.  I have so many that I want to do that I think it should be easy to fill the next few weeks.  I may blog about other patriotic topics as well and as always, I would love to hear about anything that you are doing.

Have a great day!


  1. Just discovered your blog. Love your header!

  2. What a poignant photo! Thanks for sharing. I too, am working on patriotic quilt projects. So fitting for this time of year - Memorial Day, Flag Day and then Fourth of July!


  3. Thanks for posting that pic, JoAnne......it's very easy to forget what its all about.

    And I'm excited to see what projects you have lined up! :o)

  4. What a lovely post. We don't have Memorial day in the UK which is a shame. looking forward to seeing your Patriotic projects. xxx

  5. Hi JoAnne. I too, enjoyed today's post. I also remember as a little girl visiting the graves of relatives that had passed. My Mom and Grandmother would plant red geraniums next to the gravestones. I'll be checking back to see your upcoming patriotic projects!

  6. I have a stack of red/white and blue fabrics waiting for the right pattern to come along. I may be joining you in making a patriotic quilt. In the meantime, I just came across this Patriotic Quilt challenge and I thought you might like to know about it.

    -Auntie Em