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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Good Mail Day

Hi Everyone!

I was able to do some fun sewing yesterday--working some more on my bee sample.  I shall show pictures of that tomorrow.  In the late afternoon, I came downstairs and checked the mail.  I found a lovely package on my step.

I picked it up and it was heavy!  I looked at the return address and it read "The Person who is not Rosie."  I immediately knew that it was from Carrie!  Remember my Schnibble from last month?  When it was in the parade, I was lucky enough to be chosen for a prize from Carrie.  In case you don't know, Carrie Nelson is the lovely designer of the Schnibble patterns and all the Miss Rosie quilt patterns and books.  When the winners of the parades were announced, Sherri said something like, "Rumor has it Carrie will be sending a layer cake."  I was lucky enough to win a prize last year, and I discovered that Carrie is one of the most generous people! 

So when I got this heavy box--Carrie seems to take the "If it fits, it ships" post office motto seriously--I was quite excited to see what was inside. 

Wow!  What I discovered was no less than a quilty treasure trove!

Not only did I get one layer cake, I got two!  I also got 4 charm packs--two each of different lines--, 6 packs of Moda candy, and two books!  Thank you Carrie!

I won't get as much sewing done today.  Today I'm working as a test subject at...   wait for it...  NASA!  I found out about the program from a local quilt friend.  I'll spend the morning doing something--I'm sure I'll write about it afterwards, and even get paid a little! 

Have a fabulous day!


  1. Joanne...I must agree with Carrie. Very deserving. I just love the softness and look of your hat trick schnibbles. Enjoy your goodie package...nothing like going to the mail and discovery a wonderful "quilty" surprise. well deserved!!

  2. What a fun mail day! And thanks to you, I had a fun mail day recently too!

  3. Carrie really is generous! Lovely prizes... Enjoy! :-)

  4. Good mail day! Wow! That is an understatement! What a generous gift! I know you will make good use of all of it. Have fun!

  5. That certainly is good mail! Carrie is sooooo nice :-)

  6. Jackpot!! What fun to get all those goodies in one box!

  7. Congrats on the win, and wow what a prize! A great mail day. I have some odds and ends charm pack to make a schnibble up with. My mum bought them as my present when she visited Canada last year. Best present!

  8. What a fun package to receive! I agree, Carrie is very generous and I love how she addressed it. Have fun using them all!