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Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Fun

Hi Everyone,

Today is one of my favorite days of the month--Day Guild!  I'll be off to it soon, but first I though I would post since I've been sort of quiet lately.

I've been fairly busy in the quilting room.  I recently made a chunk of a sampler quilt that my bee is doing.

This is actually the second version of this section.  I began working the pattern in Thimbleberries fabrics, but I wasn't totally happy.  I set it aside and decided to begin again with patriotic colors.  Much better!

I've also been working on the ribbons for our upcoming guild quilt show.  Have any of you ever made them?  I think I have a bit of a plan, but I'm not sure how they will come together and look when they are done.  The show isn't until October, but I want to have them done and ready long before then.

I've done other bits and pieces between which has resulted in a total mess in my quilting room.  I think it is time to do a major cleanup in there.  Friday was always the traditional cleaning day so I guess I may as well do that later today.

Yesterday I attended a luncheon with around 16 other ladies, all of varying ages.  We were sitting at an arrangement of banquet tables forming a large square, with the center empty.  Conversation was mostly with the people next to you, but at some point, someone started talking about a doll that they had and someone from across the table heard and joined in.  Now that conversation was louder and everyone heard and the next thing you know, the whole group was talking about the dolls they had as children!  It was such an animated conversation and totally fun!  We heard about Shirley Temple, and Mrs. Beasely.  Chrissy whose hair grew if you pushed the button on her stomach, Donny and Marie Osmond, and Cabbage Patch dolls were also mentioned.  Immediately you could tell who was about the same age as you by which dolls they had.  It made me curious, what was your favorite doll when you were young (or even now!) 

I had an Effanbee baby doll that I still have (along with many other anonymous baby-dolls)  When I got to "Barbie" age, I also had the Dolly Parton doll.  I think I still have her, too.  She was the same size as Barbie, but she didn't fit into Barbie's clothes!  At least the tops!  LOL!

Have a great day!


  1. Oh, what pretties on your design wall... very nice!

    I wasn't much of a doll person as a kid... but then, I had two younger brothers and I remember playing "fort" and "army men" and "cars and trucks" and such...

  2. Great blocks.....my fav is the bottom left corner one! Love it! And I really love them in your color scheme.....always a great choice! And I never had a doll growing up.....closest I could get was a Gumby! And trolls! But we called them Wish-niks! :o)

  3. Loving your blocks and you love the same colours as me so that goes without saying. I can't remember having a doll, I loved my teddy but my sister had a tiny tears she's a year younger than me. Hope you had a nice day out! xxx

  4. I love your sampler.. what pattern is that? I would have loved to have been at the lunch. The conversation sounds like it was so much fun. My sister had a Betsy McCall doll. I was a Barbie generation.

  5. Loev the pinwheel with the plaid background in your sampler quilt.

    When I was a kid, I was not allowed to have a Barbie. She was considered too "mature" for a little kid. HMMPH! Guess I'm showing my age. My daughter had Barbies when she was just a tot.

    One of my favorites was a doll called "Hi, Heidi" who would raise her arm when you pushed the button on her back. My sister had her best friend, who was "Hi, Jan".

  6. Great post! Love your sampler blocks. The pinwheel arrangement is interesting. Dolls...I don't really remember many dolls although I do remember a pic of me at about the age of four with a little metal doll carriage, I also seem to remember a "bride" doll, but the dolls I remember best are "paper dolls". We always got a new paper doll book with cutouts for Christmas and Easter. We spent hours cutting clothes from the catalogue for our paper dolls.

  7. I like what's happening on your design wall!
    I didn't know there was a Dolly Parton doll...I had Barbie's too, but my sister cut off the ponytails so I kind of lost interest in them. I also vaguely remember a huge doll that was almost as tall as I was named Paula May. Hmmm...I wonder what became of her? I don't have any of my old dolls, but I found out a while back that my sister (the one with the scissors) has my old Barbie's. I think the pony tail removal was part of a plot to get those dolls for herself!

  8. My sister had Chatty Cathy. Together we had the most gorgeous doll funiture and little doll family....we played with it ALL the time. I also had trolls. I loved those silly trolls...and their colored hair!!! It was bushy and wirey like my own hair!!!