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Monday, April 1, 2013

Ideas for Using Small Quilts

Good Morning!

I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend.  Our weather was absolutely gorgeous on Saturday and then on Sunday--it rained.

Thanks so much for the compliments on yesterday's scrap quilt.  I love making these small quilts and use them in so many ways.  I did get questions on that post and the earlier one on my Temecula Quilt Co. minis about how I use them.

My reply is "as many ways possible!"  I grabbed my camera and did a quick walk around my house to capture some of the ideas that I have.  I would love to hear your uses for small quilts, too!

They look great on table tops!  And they double as coasters!  Also, I gather them up and launder them once a month or so--less dusting!


They look great tucked into baskets.

I love them hanging from hooks or pegs.

They are art, so you could frame them.
I hang lots of them on the walls.  I love this mass grouping over my sewing table. 
(Idea from Katie at Inspired by Antique Quilts.)

You can always use them as doll quilts, too!  I would love a collection of old doll beds, but I keep myself content with this one that my husband and I made.  Flat Kiley is still visiting, and when I tucked her into bed the first night, my husband shook his head at me.  He doesn't get it!! 

I don't collect doll beds because I already have a collection of vintage, red, children's chairs.  My whole family doesn't get that, but I love them!  Oh, and small quilts look great on the backs of them,  or folded on the seats.
But why stop with children's chairs?  One of my favorite ideas is to use those screw pins to attach a small quilt to the back of a regular chair to protect it from hair oils, etc.

I hope you all have a marvelous day.  I'm going to work on my Blogger Girls BOM--the new block pattern is out today.  Also, later a new Schnibble is going to be announced.  I'm so excited!



  1. Your quilts look so perfect all around the house. Very cozy.

  2. Love your different ideas, thanks for sharing XXX

  3. Your quilts around your house look lovely. xxxx

  4. Your mini quilts are adorable and can be used and display easier than full-sized ones. Thanks for the photos.

  5. Thanks for the tour of small quilts. I love how you are using them and not just storing them away. Makes the whole place seem inviting.

  6. I love all those small quilts around your house! I'm also a huge fan of minis. :-)

  7. You had a lot of different ideas I wouldn't have thought of. I liked seeing the quilt hanging out of the basket on the wall as well as framed. I've used them as table toppers before, but only have so many tables! Great post!

  8. All of these quilts look so good where you have them displayed. A perfect way to live with them!

  9. I am a new found admirer of mini quilts ... for years I thought it always had to be at LEAST lap sized ... what a relief!! LOL Absolutely LOVE the way you have them displayed over your sewing area ... might have to "steal" that idea from you as I am completely redoing my quilt room(s) ... two adjacent bedrooms ... getting hardwood floors and fresh paint! Your home is very warm and inviting ... thanks for sharing with us! Linda

  10. That is a wonderful collection of quilts, displayed wonderfully. I love them. I also like smaller quilts. Somehow, it seems that I get to make more of them that way, even though I know they really take about as long. Be well. Lane