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Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Stuff

Hi Everyone,

I've been overtaken by a project.  It began on Thursday, continued Friday and even a bit over the weekend (I normally don't spend much time in my sewing room on the weekend.)  I'm hoping to be finished today so I can show and tell about it tomorrow.   It has been consuming my attention.  Do you ever have one of those projects?  The kind where you realize it is 2 pm and you haven't even thought about lunch?

We did some other things over the weekend.  My husband did quite a bit of yard work and in the course of his efforts, he discovered that the raccoon is living under our garden shed.  I think it is going to be trickier than we thought to discourage it.  I sincerely hope it hasn't had any babies.  Thanks for the tips!  I believe I will be calling Animal Control.

The weather was so gorgeous that on Sunday we took Flat Kiley out for another outing.  This time we went here:
I think visiting the beach and seeing the ocean is a great thing for the class of students back in land-locked South Dakota.  It was a nice day, but not quite warm enough to put toes in the sand, but it was a lovely outing, anyway.  We found some shells, but no beach glass.

This beach is at the base of this:
The "new" Cape Henry Lighthouse
 And it is right beside this:
The "old" Cape Henry Lighthouse.
The old lighthouse was not only the first lighthouse built by the United States of American, but it was also the first ever public works project undertaken by the new country.  George Washington himself had a part in it.
I'm off to work on my current project, have a great day!


  1. That is just plain mean! Making us wait..not even a hint? Maybe work on the new Schnibbles???

  2. Forget to mention that Flat Kylie must be having the time of her life...lucky girl!

  3. I'm so grateful that Spring weather has finally arrived! Love lighthouses... Flat Kylie is certainly getting around...

  4. I know just the feeling you mean of being "overtaken" by a project. Hope you are having fun with yours.