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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Binding Parade

Hi Everyone,

Edited:  I was having some problems with photos and I hopefully have them corrected thanks to my computer-savvy husband.  It is a good thing it is Saturday and he is home!

Thanks so much for sharing your fun bindings!  Going to my email mailbox and finding your photos was every bit as much fun as going to the real mailbox and finding a fun treat. 

First up are these wonderful examples from Linda.  She is an RN and says she is too busy for a blog.  I believe it--when I worked I barely even had time to quilt.

I love how she has trimmed this tree skirt with giant ric rac!

Next is her photo of charity baby blankets where she sewed leftover strips together for the binding.  I love this because I have sewn longer strips together, but I love how the shorter bits look.

Next up, Karen from Moose Bay Muses share a few of her striped bindings.  The first one, on her dynamite version of "A Bountiful Life," features a very subtle stripe.
And this one has a lovely tone-on-tone stripe.
Norece sent some nice pictures and mentioned that she no longer has some good examples, and I discovered that was true for me, too.  I know I have photos somewhere, but I recently took most of my older pictures off the computer and I have no huge desire to load them back on.  Anyway, it is no surprise that I love this patriotic-striped binding.

Here is a nice plaid one:

I have to point out that Norece used the serpentine stitch to sew her binding down just like I did on those charity baby quilts.  This must be a popular technique for quilters.
And here is her final submission--this cool Halloween stripe.  Stripes are so versatile! 
Michele from Island Life Quilts sent me these two pictures of striped bindings: 
This black one is so perfect for the fabrics!
And a bias striped binding on a Christmas quilt always looks like candy canes!
 I also heard from Marti from 52 quilts who shared this tutorial for a wonderful binding with a flange.  I'm going to have to try this!  You can see the tutorial here and this is a photo of how it looks:
Isn't it cool?
Way back in the beginning days of my blog, I shared my own tutorial of how I matched the stripes while sewing the binding strips together for my Roll Roll Cotton Bole Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. Here is a photo so you can get the general idea and then you can click the link for more information. 
I looked through my quilts to see what other interesting bindings I had and came up with these:
Another stripe, cut on the bias for the diagonal effect

I love the look of a homespun plaid cut on the bias as well.  Perfect for an old-fashioned scrap quilt.
Probably my most "interesting" one.  This is my Doc Schnibble.  I used a fancy stripe for the binding.
Thanks again to everyone who shared!  This was a really fun post to do.  Come back tomorrow to find out the winner of my Celebration.  The deadline was last night at midnight and I've already drawn the winner, but she will have to wait until tomorrow to find out!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Maybe it's just me but pictures didn't all come through. The ones that did though are GREAT! Thanks for the tutorial links ... binding is NOT my favorite part of quilting but these suggestions have definitely caught my interest so perhaps I'll try different methods and use different fabrics ... loved the multiple pieced one that Linda used! Linda

  2. Great photos! I've made flange borders too but have to tell ya..don't much care for trying to quilt around em. Lol

  3. Lovely pics. they all look so effective. xxx

  4. Thanks for hosting the binding gallery - there are some great ideas there.

  5. I love stripes on bindings, especially bias stripes. Diamonds too. The geometric patterns just set off a quilt for me I think.