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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Scrap Basket Sunday

Happy Easter everyone!  He is risen!  I hope you are having a lovely day with family, friends, and/or tasty food.  My husband and I will be going out for brunch since it is just the two of us.

Today and hopefully every Sunday for a while, I'm joining in with Kim as she is launching a Scrap Basket Sunday sew-along.  She blogged that her scrap basket was getting a bit out of hand and so she wanted to make some scrappy quilts and has invited anyone else to join in.  It is never too late, either!  Just blog about your scrappy projects on Sunday and visit her and link up.  Easy.

She is planning to work on a project from this book:
(Edited:  Whoops, I can't seem to remember book titles too well.  Kim is using Simple Grace by Kim Diehl, not Simple Charm)
I have this book too, and while I think I got it last fall, I still have yet to make a project out of it, even though it is full of fun things.  Out in Blogland, I kept seeing quilts from this book that I didn't remember.  Finally, I had an "ah ha" moment and realized it wasn't the book Simple Charm by Kim Diehl that they were mentioning, it was this book, Simply Charming, by Tara Lynn Darr.  Once I had that figured out, I got it, too.
Have you seen it?  Oh my.  As much as I love Kim Diehl's book, this one is even better.  It is full of at least 16 small quilts, all made from scraps and charms and I want to make every one of them!  Usually there is at least one or two or maybe even a few more projects in a book that I don't want to make, but not this one!

As for scraps, I do have some, but not really that many.  This is my scrap drawer.
Every time I have a bit of something, it goes in here.  This is my huge confession:  when I move, I don't take my scraps with me!  I decided long ago that I had enough stuff to move and didn't want to have to deal with scraps, so I give them away prior to a move.  That means that right now, I only have about 6 months of scraps. 

I also have this drawer above the scrap one:
It is full of left-over pieces that I cut for other projects.  These are mostly from the big, Patriotic, King-sized quilt that I just finished.  It is nice to have stacks of the same-sized pieces in there. 

I will also confess that I have plastic bins full of strips.  These I do move with me, and I guess that they are also "scraps."  I have 1 1/4, 1 1/2, 1 3/4, 2, and 2 1/2 inch strips.  So all in all, I do have a good amount of pieces to get going with, if I don't have the huge supply that others do.

I thumbed through the book and decided on my first pattern.  It is shown in blue and cream, but I wanted to do it in red and cream, and it was easily made in an afternoon.

Here it is, all layered and pinned, waiting for some quilting!  I will bind it in red, too.  All I had to do was make some easy 9 patches and set them with cream squares.  I think it finishes around 15x18."  I love these small quilts--they are like potato chips, you can't just make one! 

I think I'm going to love these Scrap Basket Sundays!  I get to "find" cute quilts "hiding" in my scraps!  What can you make with yours?

Have a great day,


  1. What a cute quilt...love it in red and cream. Simply Charming is a wonderful book!

  2. Happy Easter, JoAnne!

    I need some projects to use up some fabric from my scrap bins and these books look like a good way to do so. I do like your red & white Irish chain quilt-to-be-shortly. Very nice...

  3. The cover of June AP&Q is SEW you! I was reminded quickly when I saw your little CUTE quilt!!! Happy Easter and brunch out. My crew are coming so I'm baking a ham and fixings.

  4. This mini is SO CUTE! I love it! And I can never remember the names of books, or authors, or any of it! It makes me crazy! Crazier still.....my friend can remember all that, AND can identify by look dang near every piece of fabric she sees!....the name of the line, the designer, when it came out, etc. Eeeek! Makes me crazy!

  5. I made this quilt a couple of weeks ago, but in the blue and white shown in the pattern. Also made the red and brown and beige/white quilt. Both used up some of my scraps, but, it seems when I use my scraps instead of making a dent in the bin, I end up with more scraps.lol I love this book of Tara's and am planning to make a few more from it.

  6. Noticed you were using red and cream in your little quilt, and just had to have a closer look. A great little project for the scrap basket challenge. Having lost an hour today, I am just wondering what I can fit into the remainder of my day?

  7. This will be a perfect start to your scrap adventure...it's going to be a cute little quilt - I love the red and whites. I'm like you I get muddled with which pattern came from which book! So many good ones out there - and thank you for the recommendation of Simply Charming.

  8. What a wonderful little project! All from scraps too! I have two of Kim Deihl's books..Simple Grace and Simple Seasons(?) I think...I am not home to check. If I get a chance I really must use up some of my scraps and older stuff to make use for the new stuff. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your closing thought...such a whimsical way to think of it..."you found a cute quilt hiding in your scraps" I can hardly wait to see what is hiding in mine!

  9. How cute! Funny about giving away your scraps when you move. I have had giveaways of mine--LOL! But it's about time to actually use them in something. Glad you're joining in.

  10. Cute quilt! What will you do with it once it's quilted? I used to have bins full of scraps and used to cut strips of varying widths, but found that the only ones I ended up using were 2.5", so I ended up giving all the rest away. This is adorable though!

  11. Great project to start SBS with!