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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Overheard at the Salon

Hi Everyone,

Today is a rainy day, but I'm having fun nevertheless.  Isn't it great that our favorite hobby is NOT dependant on the weather?  In fact, I find sewing during rainy days to be great.  I had to take a break this morning, though, for a much-neeeded hair appointment. 

I'm never quite sure what is going to be happening at the salon, or maybe I should say I never know what is going to be said at the salon.  Did I tell you about my last appointment?  I was waiting and reading my current book.  Another lady in the waiting area asked what I was reading.  I replied with "Killing Lincoln--a book about the assasination of President Lincoln."  She replied, "Did they ever catch those guys?   Cause I'm afraid they'll go after Obama."  I was quite stunned, to say the least.  I though everyone knew about John Wilkes Booth, the hangings, etc., but hey, maybe not everyone is up on their history.  But to think that the same people who were involved WAY back in 1865 could still be around was just idiotic.  Even if this woman was mixing it up with the Kennedy assasination, it would still be a pretty dumb thought.  But hey, that was last time.

Today the conversation in the neighboring station revolved around the sequestration and the potential cuts to the military/defense budgets.  This area is very dependant on that money--it being home to at least three major military installations, the shipyards that overhaul and/or construct many of the ships, and all the contractors and other federal employees.  Needless to say, many people are very concerned with what may happen.  So the customer was saying that her friend's husband is a civilian employee and if the furloughs happen, they could lose 20% of their income and they have two kids in college.  So the stylist goes on some sort of rant about how Americans are "too rich" as it is and how it would be good for everyone to suffer some.  "Families don't need all of these TVs," she said, "No one needs a house 2000 square feet or larger."  Does she realize that she sounds just like a Commuist?  Good grief.  With all the problems our country is currently having, I think the worst is the lack of an educated/interested populace. 

Anyway, enough of "salon talk," I'm sure that you didn't come here to hear all of that, so lets talk quilting!  I was able to finish all the blocks for my new project.  I have a stack of these:

And a stack of these:

Now I'm playing on the design wall and can hardly believe what is happening there!  It is very exciting.  I'm going to get back up there and will maybe be able to give you a picture tomorrow!  You don't want to miss it!



  1. I love Jimmy Kimmel when they go out on the street and ask random people about something that happened the day before (the Oscars, for example). The all say they saw it, but when quized about specifics, it's obvious they did not. Some of the answers they come up with are hilarious!

  2. You have chosen very pretty colors in your new project, and I can't wait to see what they will become when put together. Regarding your "rant" about overheard conversations at the salon - I am a teacher, and I feel that if people were better educated, they would have more informed opinions and make more sensible decisions at election time. We don't have to all agree, but I'd like to feel that the person I disagree with has a well reasoned and well thought out opinion, and is not just spouting nonsense. I could go on; trust me, I do when I have this discussion in person, but I think you understand.
    Enjoy your sewing - can't wait to see the project.

  3. Loving your new blocks. That turtle in the fabric caught my eye right away!!! Very Hawaii. :-) Now, regarding your trios to the salon...oh boy, honestly leaves me speechless and a little sick to my stomach, especially with what the stylist said.

  4. This block looks vaguely familiar. I think I saw it at a quilt show last week, and the quilter commented on how surprised she was that it went together so smoothly...I searched my pics but I must have accidentally deleted it. Looking forward to your revel.
    Isn't it entertaining listening to conversations around you?

  5. Beauty shop talk is always interesting and just bursting with gossip. I'd love to say more on the subject but best keep the peace. Lol

  6. Pretty weird about that lady and President Lincoln, just gotta shake your head with wonder. Saw the first commenter talking about Jimmy Kimmel, he does do a funny bit where they purposely ask something not true and the people they're asking never can admit they don't know, they say the most ridiculous things. Your batik blocks are very nice, can't wait to see the whole quilt top. I'm not much for batiks but there is a new one out with springy colors that I'm thinking of getting. Speaking of the salon, I so need to go there myself.

  7. I probably would have retorted to the stylist that not everyone needs to pay a stylist for their hair... when they have friends that can cut their hair for them or they can color it themselves at home... but I am just snarky like that sometimes (and in one of those moods today actually.. lol)

    anyway - love your new project!!

  8. Oh boy, you got an earful. I am amazed at the nerve of people who just spout out about things that others are sensitive about. The economy is a hot topic right now and not all of us want to "spread the wealth". We would like to keep what we earn. Obviously she wants to keep what we earn too. Lol! Your quilt looks like it will be a beauty! Love those water colors!

  9. And these women vote too, gotta just roll your eyes and shake your head.