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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Feeling Fallish

Have you ever noticed that in the fall we welcome cool days and nothing is more exciting than the first snow of the season?  We are so relieved to be over the heat and humidity and we look forward to the beauty of the fall leaves, crisp apples, comforting soups, etc.  Six short months later and we are sick of the cold, tired of snow, so over wearing pants and sweaters!  Where are the flowers?  Can't I wear sandals yet?  I think the only consistent thing about us is that we are always hoping for a better day!

I tried to appreciate the snow we had Sunday and Monday and not resent it as much as I wanted to, so I went to my quilt room and got into a fall-feeling.  It was actually a bit of a quilt show day, as yesterday morning I had a committee meeting here for our guild's upcoming show.  There are five of us on our committee and it is great fun getting to know the others and they are so organized that it is fairly stress free, so far.  We are the Presentation committee, in charge of demos, door prizes, and the viewer's choice ballots/awards.  The show isn't until the end of October, so it is still early in the planning stage. 

After the meeting, I went up to work on some blocks that we are doing for a raffle quilt for the show.  The show has a fall theme so we are making a quilt in fall colors consisting of rail fence blocks and leaf blocks--all in batiks.  I had fun as I had a partial Bali Pop with all the appropriate colors.

Here are my results from just an hour or two of sewing:

Each stack of rail fences has about 6 in it--they are the results from one length-of-fabric strip set. 

I also worked on the sashing for the Blogger Girl's BOM and got all the corner squares done.  It seems like I have such a pile of "bits and pieces" of things to work on or finish.  I feel easily distracted.  I going back to try to get some of these things finished or put away, or....  something.

I hope you all have a great day!



  1. What pretty colors for your Fall quilt.

    I'll have to stick with Spring colors for now. It's the only colorful thing around here with all the gray outside.

  2. The raffle quilt is going to be beautiful with all the rich batik colors. Nice job.

  3. You're absolutely right! We never seem to be satisfied. God knew that and that's why He gave us the different seasons! I do love the fall colors; they're so warm and rich looking. Those are also all the colors I have in my house decor.

  4. How nice that your committee is organized and way ahead of the game already! Your show is going to be great! And that quilt is so beautiful.....what a great raffle quilt!

  5. Nice blocks! I have to say though... i AM TOTALLY DONE with winter up here in Quebec! :-).

  6. I need to work on my Blogger Girl's BOM sashing too, but I was getting close to finishing up a quilt that I've been working on for months so didn't want to stop to work on that...also have a baby quilt need to start/finish before June, and agreed to donate a quilt that needs to be done this spring too, which I haven't started yet. It's just that this darn working for a living is getting in the way of making quilting progress!

  7. I admire you for jumping into Fall... I'm just ready to enjoy Spring if it ever arrives! *lol*

    You got a lot of sewing done in under 2 hours... great job!

  8. Your first paragraph summed up my feelings here in Australia at the moment! Come on autumn, really kick in!