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Friday, February 1, 2013

Valentine Swap

Earlier in the month Chris, over at Perfectly Printed, hosted her first swap.  She wanted to swap with the first five people who wished to participate.  The rules were few--we were to make a valentine 4"-6" in size and be able to mail it around the last week of January.  (OK, I don't remember the exact date, but you get the idea.)  I eagerly signed up because I have not swapped with a blog friend yet, I was wanting to.  She accepted me and I went up to my quilt room to start playing.

I actually had  several ideas.  Chris loves vintage things, and while including vintage wasn't a rule, I knew it was a must for me!  Anyway, I set about acting on my ideas, and well, things weren't working out.  I set the first attempt to the side.  It was too big anyway, and since there were only about 2 rules, breaking one seemed like bad form.  So I started out with plan B and again got to a point where I couldn't get it pulled together, either.  I was a bit stumped and a lot frustrated.  I set all of that to the side and got out my small stash of vintage things.  In the process, I rediscovered an embroidered dresser scarf (with a small hole in the middle).  I thought it may have possibilities, so I started to "play."  I ended up with this:

I cut a heart out of one end, centering the motif of the sunbonnet lady, and used a bit of a real vintage flour sack for the back.

I attached some ribbon roses, buttons, etc. and trimmed it in crocheted trim and lace.  I was undecided whether I should stuff it or not, and in the end, thought that leaving it flat was the best.
Isn't it funny how sometimes a plan just doesn't work, and yet something more spontaneous comes together effortlessly?

I sent it off to Chris and in return, I received this:
 Chris is quite a paper-crafter!  Look at the adorable kitty items!  She also included a few more vintage-y valentines.  I LOVE vintage valentines.  They remind me of exchanging them in school when I was young.  Weren't they fun?! 

I had so much fun doing this swap.  I'm just glad I only had to make one item--Chris had to make 5!  Check out her blog to see all the lovely things she received. 

Have a great day!

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  1. JoAnne you are too kind for words!! Your Valentine is just lovely, I love it!!!