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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Guild Challenge

I signed up for our quilt guild's annual challenge last night.  I'm sort of excited about the "rules."  If you wish to participate you reach your hand into a bag and pull out three different....   crayons.  (They have the contents of the really large box of crayons in the bag.)  If you wish, you may put one of the colors back and pull out a replacement, but then you are "stuck" with what you have.  You may use one neutral fabric with them.  The only other rule is that it be less than 56" per side. 

When I got in line, I was second.  The first lady put her hand in and pulled out three different shades of pink/red.  She put one back and I think she got peach.  Next it was my turn.  I put my hand in and pulled out three greens!  The crayons are all mixed up in the bag and I know that when I was pulling them, I moved my hand all around the inside of the bag.  I put one of the greens back and drew out...  RED!!!  My very favorite!  I was sort of thinking the odds wouldn't be good that I would get red, blue, and maybe a lighter blue, or a gold, so I could do something patriotic, but I'm pretty happy so far.  When you have your three colors, you write your name on the paper and made color swatches with your crayons.  There was a slip of paper for you to make swatches for yourself, too.  I actually wrote the name of my colors in the crayon so I would have a reference for later, if I wasn't happy with the "swatch."  While I was doing that, the next person put in her hand and drew out...   three different purples!!!  It was crazy that everyone was getting monochromatic colors in a random draw.  Actually I was tempted to keep my three greens, but one was really muddy/olivey and I didn't like it.

I tried to get some photos of my colors off of the internet, but couldn't find them.  They are Fern green, Yellow-green, and Red.  My head is filling with possibilities.  I could do some of the new Christmas fabric lines that have the lighter, brighter greens, or nearly anything.  Luckily for me the greens are okay together and to get red, which is the compliment to green is just awesome.  I'm afraid I didn't sleep well last night, my brain was so stimulated!

I hope you all have a great day!



  1. What a fun challenge! And you have so many possibilities for a fun quilt! Woohoo!

  2. That sounds like a really fun challenge!!! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  3. Can't wait to see what you do with this challenge. I'm glad you got colors you like to work with.

  4. I got yellow, green and blue. They look like Civil War colours. I wanted to write the names of the colours down, but I wasn't wearing my glasses and I couldn't see the names! There were so many people behind me I couldn't exactly go and get my glasses. Not only that, but I only did a thin line rather than a square.
    Hopefully I can think of something fun to make.

  5. What a fun idea for a guild challenge ... might have to "borrow" that idea for our guild ;-) You will get all sorts of interesting quilts! Linda