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Friday, February 15, 2013

There is Something Else I Like

Shhh.   Can you keep a secret?  I have another interest.  It may seem a little geeky but we feed the birds and I really get a kick out of watching them and seeing what types will come and visit.  We have several feeders for sunflower seed, safflower seed, suet, peanuts, thistle seed, bark butter, and even mealworms.  If you want a wide variety of species, you need to use a variety of food!

We get a lot of chickadees, nuthatches, and house finches, etc.  Here are some pictures of others:

A Titmouse

A pair of cardinals
A Downy woodpecker
A brief glimpse and bad photo of a very shy Red-bellied woodpecker
A very cute and quite spunky Pine Siskin (this was the one day we had snow.)
A Brown Thrasher
The Blue Jays are shy as well and don't like their picture taken
A Carolina Wren
It took them a while to find us, but the Gold Finches are here now. 
Another Goldfinch
And then on Wednesday, while I was laboring away ripping off those borders, I happened to glance out the window and could hardly believe my eyes!  For the first time ever at our feeder was this:

A male bluebird!!!!
He brought along his friend:
The female bluebird
I knew there were bluebirds around, but I wasn't sure if they were in our neighborhood.  They sort of like open country and can be a bit picky about where they go.  I was so excited to see them!  They came back the next day, too, so maybe they are nesting in the area and will be regular visitors.  
It's no wonder that I bought this book.  I doubt I'll make the quilt, but you never know!
Do you feed/watch the birds?  What visits your feeders?
Have a great weekend!


  1. You are so lucky to have such a variety of birds come and visit. That spunky Pine Siskin is too, too cute.

  2. I love to watch birds ... I caught the bug from my mom. She always had feeders around her house and would watch them through binoculars while she sat on the glassed in porch. We've recently moved into this house and still getting a "feel" for it ... will have to see about putting feeders out. GREAT activity and so relaxing ;-)

  3. I love to watch the birds..I have cardinals, blue jays, Carolina wrens, occas. cedar waxwings, doves, sparrows. Still can't get the darned goldfinches over to my feeder. Also saw some Wilson's snipes at the end of the street a couple of weeks ago. Too cute!

  4. I love watching the birds and we have cardinals, blue jays, carolina wrens, tohees, thrashers, titmouse, chickadees, sparrows, finches, nuthatchers and some goldfinches, doves, cedar waxwings passing thru NC, woodpeckers, flickers and recently bluebirds. Like you I am thrilled to see the bluebirds. Our neighbor cat positions herself right under the birdfeeders when not guarding the water!!


  5. I love feeding and watching birds... even have a bird book in which I make notes of when I see what bird. Only problem is: what to do about the squirrels scaring off the birds and emptying the feeders?

  6. I too love feeding the birds.....I think I get it from my Dad....he used to put out peanuts for the Blue Jays....they have quite an annoying call...his neighbors did not appreciate his feeding of the birds....he on other hand loved it! He named them all! I think I feed them in his honor! Love your pictures!!


  7. Wow! What beautiful birdies you see! We mostly see sparrows, nuthatches and some robins. There are some really cute tiny birds but I don't know what kind they are. We have chickens and the little birdies will hop on into the chicken feeder and help themselves! The chickens sometimes chase them but a lot of the time they ignore the little birds. I love the colors on the male bluebird. Very striking! Thanks for sharing your pictures. K-

  8. I have just been lucky enough to find your blog and I LOVE it. I feed the birds too, and pretend to piece and quilt on occasion. :) I have adore the birds and usually take pictures of them every day. :) Your photos of your birdie friends are just wonderful---and I love your 'chair' feeder.

  9. You are so lucky to have all these beautiful birds come visit you!

  10. We love to feed both the birds and the squirrels and have most of the same ones although I don't think I've ever seen the Pine Siskin. Great pictures! I'm not able to get good ones of ours.

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