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Monday, February 4, 2013

Jody Together

Did any of you watch the big game?  It is usually the only football game I ever watch, although we did watch the Alabama/Notre Dame game this year, too.  Anyway, my husband was for the 49ers and I was for the Ravens--mostly because I'm usually for the underdog; I knew that Michael Oher (from the movie The Blindside) played for them; Baltimore isn't too far from here; and finally, because "Baltimore" is a type of quilt! Ha ha.   Anyway, I had bragging rights after the game was over.

I also like to see the commercials.  My favorites were:  1.  The Jeep/Oprah/Tribute to the military.  2.  The Clydsdale/Budweiser one.  3.  The Paul Harvey/Farmer/Ram (that is the South Dakotan in me--my grandpa and two of my step-grandpa's were farmers) 4. The Tide/Joe Montana stain one.  5.  The VW/Jamaican/Be Happy one.  6.  The first Coke one about looking at thing differently

Anyway, back to the quilting part of this blog!

I finally finished piecing Jody!

Jody is a Schnibble.  The pattern is McGuffy and the fabric is Chicopee.  I still have to quilt it but already I'm considering using a varigated thread with orange, magenta, and lime.  I think I actually have one like that!  This was a fun, small quilt to make and it was a nice diversion from other projects.

One of these days I need to spend some serious time layering things.  I need to do this quilt as well as a few others that have been piling up.  All of them are small, but I'm out of small pieces of batting, so I have to get out a roll.  I also need to prep some muslin sandwiches for an upcoming quilting class I will be taking later this month.    One of my goals for the year is to get better about my free motion quilting--attempting feathers, etc.  I have read tutorials and watched Youtube videos, but I'm hoping a class will help, too.  Then it will just be a matter of practice, practice, practice!

Have a great day!


  1. We're on the same page as far as the commercials we liked. LOVED the one with the boy and the horse and the Oprah/Jeep/Military and Paul Harvey/Farmer ones brought tears to my eyes. Some of them, though, I just didn't get ... I just attribute that to getting older (or wiser??) and too much cotton lint from quilting on the brain! LOL

  2. hehe, I know about as much about American Football (only from movies like The Blindside) as you probably do about Australian Rules Football, so was quite surprised by the amount of interest my middle school kids showed in the Superbowl. When I got home I asked my hubs if it's like the grandfinal, the end of the season, he said yes. And then I asked how long it goes for coz my students said it started at 10am our time, and were still checking the score via internet at about 2.30pm!! Over 4 hours of footy! Hubs said it's a big production, ridiculously long. No wonder all the quilt blogs are showing lots of productivity from superbowl day!