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Friday, October 19, 2012

Quilty Coincidence

Hi All,

First off, I would like to share a quote:

 To the President of the Continental Congress, October 19, 1781

"I have the honor to inform Congress, that a reduction of the British Army under Command of Lord Cornwallis, is most happily effected."                            --General George Washington

231 years ago, Cornwallis surrendered during the Battle of  Yorktown, leading to the Treaty of Paris, the end of the Revolutionary War.

Besides being The Patriotic Quilter, I now live in Yorktown and there will be a parade today to celebrate and I think it is worthwhile to share this important date.

But getting back to quilting related chat, I wanted to share one more thing from my class on Sunday.  Have you seen this magazine that is out on the newstands right now?

 The featured quilt on the cover was designed by my instructor, Marcie Patch!  She was pretty excited to finally have a quilt on the cover of a magazine, and I must say that I can totally relate.  I can't believe how exciting it would be to be published in the first place, but a cover quilt would be a thrill.

She had copies for sale and so I got one.

I wanted to be able to get her to sign it.
I set the magazine to the side after I got it until I got home that night.  While I was relaxing, I read through it.  Near the end, I was a bit surprised to see a quilt that I recognized!  Last Friday was the morning meeting of our quilt guild, and we had a fantastic program by Karen DuMont.  She is from Richmond and talked about how she got into designing patterns.  She brought lots of quilts and one of them was in this magazine.  Sure enough, I saw where it was designed by her!

I thought it was a really cool coincidence--to meet two lovely, fun quilt pattern designers within three days, and then have both of them published in the same magazine!  I also thought I must have moved to the right area, where there are such fantastic, local quilters!

Have a great weekend!



  1. "....is most happily effected." Don't you just love the way they spoke back then? So elegant and charming. I love that! And I love the two quilts you showed......I'm going to look for that mag! Thanks!

  2. You are indeed lucky to have so many talented quilters in your area! How cool to have a quilt published like that...