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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Marcie's Quilts


I am back today with the promised post about Marcie Patch's quilts.  (Don't you just love that she is a quilter and her last name is Patch!!!)  If you remember, she was the instructor and pattern designer for the Old Elegance class that I took on Sunday.  If you are interested in any of these patterns you can find them here at her website.  Just so you know, she didn't ask me to share these patterns and links, however, I have never seen her patterns before and I fell in love with them because they are exactly my style!  (Scrappy)  I thought you may like to see them for yourselves.  Sometimes I have a hard time finding a pattern that I really want to do AND that will work with my stash--and these really fit the bill.  I wanted to buy them all, but I restrained myself with a few.  If I remember, I will mention the ones I bought as I show the photos.

This is Marcie holding up some of her quilts.  If I was really organized, I would have the names for you, but I don't.  Sorry.

I'm loving the birds in these three quilts so far.

Can you see the buttons in the one above?  I love it!

Do you recognize that stitchery from a fabric that was out a while ago?  If you don't have it, Marcie has included a pattern that you can use to stitch a real version, or you could use any small "panel" of fabric that you like to make a small quilt.


This is one pattern that I got.  All of these quilts are all made using my favorite techniques:  half square triangles, nine patch, flying geese, etc.

 This is Old Soul, and the pattern can be found in the Spring 2012 issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects.

As I looked closely at the quilts, I saw lots of the same fabrics that I have!

This is Pinfeathers, and it is a new pattern.  I got this one, too.  She calls it Pinfeathers because of the flying geese units!

Diamond in the Rough is another pattern that came home with me.  I have immediate plans for this one!  Once my "plate is clear" so to speak.

This cheddar quilt has a really neat border.  I thought of you, Regan, when I saw this one!!!
I really agonized about getting this one.  I wanted it, but already had a stack.  I can always get it later, though.  One lady who came in the room said that her Bee was making this.  One of the members figured out how to divide everything up and then they all went shopping together to buy the fabric and then they cut it up and shared it with each other.  What a fun project!  Also, as Marcie pointed out, this could be a really masculine pattern if you need to make a quilt for a male in your life.  I love it because it has stars and stripes!!!!!  I can so see this in red, white, and blue. (Of course, I'm just seeing that now--I should have thought of that on Sunday!!!  I'm now kicking myself...)
More about my progress tomorrow!  Have a great day!


  1. JoAnne....you're too funny! That IS the quilt I was drooling over! Gotta love that cheddar! And the flying geese, too! And so timely too, cuz I just finished sewing up the flying geese strips for my next quilt.....400 flying geese units! Woohoo! lol

  2. What lovely quilts! You do have some great projects lined up now and I'm thinking you're gonna be busy, yes?

  3. Marcie is a real sweet heart. Do you know I was the quilter on the cheddar one? Small world.