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Monday, October 1, 2012

In denial.

I know that last week I promised that my next post would be about Bounce borders, and that I subsequently posted about my Speck, but the borders post will have to wait once more.

Since it is October now (and just where has this whole year gone?!) I have to confront something that I have been trying to avoid for a long time now.  I feel like I can share it here with all of you because you are so supportive and kind. 

For over three years, (except for a one-week period of time two years ago over Christmas, when we came to the mainland) I have managed to avoid these:

Yep.  No argyll, no tube, no footies, no compression, no socks at all!  It has been straight sandals for me everyday.  For over three years!
There was a time when I loved socks!  The textures, the patterns, the yarns...  In fact, when we lived in Alaska, I wore socks all year long! 
In preparation for the arrival of this day, I dug through tubs and drawers trying to locate my stash so I could get them out, make sure they paired up, and try to get my mind around wearing them again!
I fogot how nice they were!  Did you see those argyll ones in the first picture?  And the black print in the second?  And I'm not sure if you can see the lovely yarn used in the right pair just above. 
Maybe it won't be so bad?!
But then, since I've been wearing sandals for three years, that also means I haven't worn long pants...  Or jeans!  For over three years!  That means everything is at least 4 years old!  Uh oh.  Getting out socks was one thing, now I'm going to have to unearth pants and (gulp!) try them on!!!
Wish me luck!  Have a great day!
PS  I'll be spending my day compulsively checking my Reader looking for Sherri and Sinta's posts with the Speck parades!


  1. Oh my, that is too funny. I was expecting ..well I'm not sure what I was expecting after your intro, but it wasn't socks! What a hoot! Enjoy your day. P.s. I will be spending my day checking for parade activities as well.

  2. Does this mean the next step is knitting your own socks?

  3. What a fabulous post it cheered me up no end. I have spent most of the day in hospital with my poor hubby. But your post put a smile on my face. thanks. x Melanie x

  4. You are too funny! :-) Good luck with those pants!

  5. That was great...Thanks for the laugh JoAnne!