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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hundreds of Tiny Threads

First of all, I want to thank all of you for the good wishes for us in this storm!  It is still raining here, but the wind has not been bad today.  We still have power and water, which is a very good thing! Yesterday, my husband had to go in to work (even on a Sunday) because the Army wanted to ensure that they could still communicate.  I put on a pot of hot, mulled, apple cider and left it simmering all day, enjoying a cup whenever it seemed too gloomy or stormy. 

Today, most everything was closed down, but again, my husband drove in to work, although he got to come home just after noon.  I spent this gloomy day with all the lights on in my sewing room, the iron warming nicely, listening to my most recent book on tape.  Right now I'm working through the Inspector Gamache mystery series by Lousie Penny.  They are really very good--I highly recommend them.

But as to the real substance of today's post, do you follow Carrie Nelson's blog and if you do, did you see the post she made late last week with all her variations of her Little Bite's pattern, Tidbit, and the framed small quilt?  She generously shared the instructions, too!  I don't know about you, but I no more than finished reading than I was grabbing my purse, and heading out to find a frame.  I found one, too, and it was on sale!

Thursday night I was up in my quilt room, digging through my scraps, cutting 1 1/4" squares.  Then I got distracted by Sandy until today.  While the rain streamed down my room's windows, I worked away until I had this:
(I removed the glass for photography purposes)
I'm delighted with it!  I used a quote of my own choosing, although Carrie generously provided a PFD of hers in a choice of fonts, all printer ready.

In case you can't read it, it says "Chains do not hold a marriage together.  It is thread, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years." (Simone Signoret)   I love this quote because not only do I find it to be true, but it makes me think of all the times my husband picks off loose threads that I always seem to be covered in.  Hundreds in fact!  He seems to acquire his share, too. 

I'm keeping this version, but wouldn't it make a perfect wedding or anniversary gift?  Luckily, I didn't just buy one frame.... 

Back to Sandy, here is a photo I took in our yard this afternoon.  We actually had a small tree come down in the wind yesterday.  Can you see all the standing water?  It is a swamp out there, but we are counting ourselves VERY lucky.

Thanks again for the good wishes and to all of you who are just experiencing her or are about to, good luck to you!  I'm sending out prayers and good wishes.



  1. Glad to hear you still have power and water! Love the quote! I just may have to steal it or something!


  2. I love it ! The quote is wonderful and I am thrilled that you personalized yours with a quote that held special meaning for you. Perfection!

    Stay safe and dry!

  3. I love your little quilt, too, and agree it would make a delightful wedding gift.

    Stay safe and keep sewing as long as you can. ;oD

  4. What a beautiful little wall hanging! I love the quote you chose.....perfect! And I'm so glad you made it through the storm without too much difficulty. My friend called this morning.....her side of town has been out of power since yesterday afternoon! I was shocked! We haven't even had a blip! I'm feeling very lucky about the whole thing!

  5. Love your little quilt and also the saying you chose for it. Beautiful work JoAnne!

  6. What a perfectly wonderful idea! I have an old quilt that I have been considering cutting to use in some kind of project. (Parts are torn and and tattered while other parts are lovely and soft and usable.)Hope you don't mind me using that quote, my husband looks after me that way too...always picking stray threads off of me or the floor or the furniture etc. Wonderful post!