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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pins, Plates, PFD, and the POTUS

On Monday, I was working away in my quilting room just as I had planned.  I was not working on my Old Elegance, though, I had a project already underway on the design wall and spread all over the room, so I decided to get it finished first.  I thought it would only take a few hours or so.

Well, it pretty much took all day.  And, while I was pressing the pieced border, all of a sudden the fabric was scorched!!!

Look at that!  I looked at the iron and the lights were off.  Hmm, I think something happened to the thermostat and the heat increased and burned the whole thing out.  At any rate, I unplugged it and plan to not use it again.  I got out my travel iron and was able to finish my project.

So today my plan was to finally work on my class project, but then I remembered that I need a new iron.  Hmm.  I live right around a corner from a Walmart, but I'm not too excited about their iron choices.  Let me add here that I'm pretty picky about an iron.  One thing that I cannot live without is a sharp point.  I don't neccessarily need a Rowenta, either.  My recently defunct iron was a Sharp, and I really liked it.  I got it at Target, so I thought about heading there first.  The problem?  I had looked through the ad on Sunday and there was a LOT of cool stuff on sale this week.  I figured if I went there, I would do "other" shopping and I should try to avoid that for now. 

I remembered that JoAnn Fabrics has irons.  I have a coupon for 50% off, so I got online to look at the choices and to take notes on prices.  I also remembered seeing Rowenta irons at Tuesday Morning, and I was hopeful of finding a good deal.  So I went there first.  They didn't have a good selection.  They only had one full-sized iron and it didn't have a sharp point.  They did have a box of applique pins for 99 cents, though, and some really cute Christmas plates.  I bake lots of cookies and give them to neighbors, etc. at Christmas, so I like to find neat plates to give away with them.  I bought all four of them.

 Next I decided to drive a bit further away to go to JoAnn's.  As I was crossing the freeway, I saw a cop on the overpass.  I quickly realized what that meant!!!  The POTUS was flying out of our local airport to get himself to the debate as he had spent the weekend in Williamsburg for prep.  We got caught up in that traffic mess when he arrived on Saturday and I knew I would be in for it again.  Ugh.  Anyway, I got to JoAnn and was looking for the irons.  I passed by the solid fabrics and saw that Kona was 40% off.  I checked and they had a bolt of PFD (prepared for dye.) As it can be hard to find, I got some.  Next I found the irons, but they just have empty boxes on display--you have to ask for one when you pay.  I did so and the clerk had to go way to the back of the store to get it.  She eventually got back and I paid.  "Oh," she says, "you can't use a coupon on an iron."  Now I had considered that possibilty before I drove all the way over there.  Nowhere on it did it say you couldn't use it on an iron.  It did list a number of other things, like Accucut, Simplicity machines, etc.  I pointed this out.  She tried it, and it wouldn't accept it.  That just ticks me off!  So I paid for the fabric only and left.

Air Force One at the local airport today
By the way, in case you don't know, POTUS=President Of The United States
Oh, and this is not my photo.  I didn't get anywhere close to the area.

This photo is mine.  I took it Saturday.  I told you we were in the thick of it--at Lowes--it is right across from the airport.

As I was leaving, I had to take into account the fact that I couldn't go directly home, because of the motorcade, etc., so I headed on a slightly roundabout way home.  It is a way I don't often go, and I realized that if I went a bit further, I could go to one of the local quilt shops that I haven't yet visited.  It is also the Bernina dealer and I did need some #80 needles, so I went.  What a great shop!  It is the best in the area that I have visited so far.  I got the needles, and only the needles, and left.  Now it was lunch time, so I hit a drive-through.  I'm getting tired and I still don't have a blasted iron!!! 

After considering my options, I decided to go to Target.  They had a nice selection, including Rowenta, Sharp, and some others.  One Rowenta was marked down $10 from $65 to $55.  I was leery of getting another Sharp, so I got the sale Rowenta.  Then I checked out the lamps that were on sale, but didn't find one that I loved.  I did get a bag of Honey Crisp apples, though.  We are seriously addicted to them and they are getting hard to find.

I got home after one.  I spent the whole morning traveling all over trying to buy an iron.  If I had just stayed home and ordered one online, I could have avoided pins, plates, PFD, the President, needles, and apples.  Shipping charges don't seem so high anymore!  It is also not lost on me that if I had just got to Target first, I could have avoided the other purchases AND the traffic mess.  Oh well.  Live and learn!

Have a great day!


  1. Hi, JoAnne, I totally understand your iron dilemma (as well as the - oh my gosh did I just spend the better part of a day looking for an IRON?? situation, too). My Rowenta was thrown in the trash recently, a result of dripping gunk on my fabric 2 times, and dripping water all over my hand for years. No more Rowentas for me, though I hope you got a good one. I know some people swear by theirs. My advice to you is, if you have any problem with the iron, return it immediately. My iron didn't start to drip until I'd had it over a year, and when I contacted the company about the problem, essentially their answer was, "Gosh, isn't that too bad? You can send it to and we'll look at it. For $60." So, after that iron dripped icky stuff on my fabric twice, I disposed of it and began looking for a new one. First I tried a Black and Decker that had nice features, but the feature I didn't like was that it turned off as I was using it. Next I tried a simpler version of a Black and Decker and that one took over 4 (yes, 4!) minutes to heat up. I don't know where to turn now. I've been ironing for decades, and I don't remember ever having difficulty with irons before. I wonder what the problem is. Anyhow, good luck w/ yours! I really enjoy your blog, JoAnne!

  2. I love my Rowenta iron......but I use it dry now! I use a water spritzer bottle if I have to have a little moisture on the fabric, but mostly it doesn't need it! And I've read all over the blogs that your iron will last practically forever, if you never put water in it! Just keep it dry! :o)

  3. I had to smile when I got to the line that says "now it was lunch time". You did all that BEFORE lunch? You must have gotten an early start. LOL!

    Sorry about the iron. I had a Rowenta for a number of years and was quite happy with it.

  4. I'm glad you found you a new iron... can't be without an iron! I have a Rowenta (10+ yrs now) and it works great.... and I use water in it! Granted, I mostly use it without steam but I do actually press clothing and then... the steam option is necessary.

    How cool you got to see that huge plane close up! Sorry about the traffic.... traffic can be "special" in SE VA!

  5. But.. you got such good deals, and visited a new quilt shop. :o) I have a Sharp from Target and so far it is still working.. it did scorch some fabric like that once, but has been working fine since.. hopefully it doesn't happen again.

  6. Well, at least you had an adventure!

    Please send a comment to JoAnn's about the refusal of the coupon for the iron. They need to know about that glitch and your feelings about it.

  7. Oh doesn't that drive you crazy! The very thing you tried to avoid you ended up doing, with all the added aggravation. I feel your pain about the iron. Mine died a couple months ago and after much searching I "settled" with one I thought would be suitable. It is, but I do a lot of ironing and I am very fussy over my irons and this one sure doesn't measure up to my last one. I will keep using it, but I will be curious to see how you make out with the Rowenta. Several of my friends have had problems...leaking being the main one. I have my eye on a Europro, but 149.00 is a steep price to pay for an iron...I would do it though if I knew it last a little longer than a year or two. I love your blog...always something interesting to read...