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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Rest of the Stuff

I'm afraid I don't have much time to blog today.  We are expecting (any minute now) our final shipment of stuff this morning.  This is the stuff that went into long-term storage when we left Kansas to go to Hawaii.  We haven't seen it for over 3 years now.

I am looking forward to getting it for one major reason.  When we got to Hawaii and unpacked, I didn't have any quilt books except for the 3-4 that had been up in my sewing room.  Apparently, they got put in the wrong pile and went to storage.  Of course, that is what I've been hoping for.  Won't the joke be on me if we get this stuff and there are no quilt books in it? 

Have A Great Day!  I hear a truck on the street now.



  1. *fingers crossed* that you find your quilting books quickly! I know you'll be glad to have ALL your stuff back...

  2. Oh, the memories that this brings up! We too, left Kansas for three years in Hawaii. Hubby decided that the weekend before the packers came to take away the stuff for long term storage (the first of our shipments) that he needed to go away for the weekend. Before he left we discussed what to ship, and what to keep. Except that when he said ship it--he meant ship it to Hawaii. When he said keep it, he meant keep it in long term storage on the mainland. When I said ship it, I meant to give it to the movers on Monday for long term storage, and I thought keep it meant to keep it for the next shipment later on, to go to Hawaii. That was a long three years!

    But, we had a similar situation later on. We were in Korea, and had to make a quick trip home on emergency leave just before we were scheduled to PCS to the Middle East. Our return flight was delayed, and we had to stay over in Japan for 24 hours, so we missed our first packout date. When we got home late the next night, we stood in the center of the room, and threw stuff into three piles--suitcase, storage, and ship to next duty assignment. We regretted many of those split second decisions for the next two years!

    Now that we haven't moved in more than 7 years, we could use a good purge like we used to do with every move.

  3. Crossing my fingers for you that what you're looking for is in this shipment of goods!!