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Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Sewed!

Look what I did yesterday!!!!

I made quilt blocks!  Do you follow the Temecula Quilt Co. shop's blog?  They have been doing a Summer Star sew-along for the months of July and August.  Each Friday, they post another.  The first week they gave instructions to make the points of the stars and the center of the first week's star, and every Friday since they give you the new center instructions.  Each week when the directions went up I just gritted my teeth and hoped I would be able to join in before the end.  I got them all done in just a hour or two yesterday.  Do you want to know how thrilled I was to finally be making something?  I had to do some ripping and loved it, too!

I also began some little bags.  I'm off to get some zippers for those today so I can finish and show them tomorrow.  I'm loving them because they use left-over charm squares (plus a little yardage) so they are perfect to make with the Schnibbles leftovers.  And I have plenty of that!  What do you do with leftover charm squares?


  1. Love your blocks!! How big are they?


  2. Love those blocks! Off to read up on 'em!

  3. Lovely blocks! I like how you are mixing it up with the red, white and blues. Happy Sewing!

  4. I love star blocks. Yours look amazing as always.xx

  5. Love those blocks...they were on my summer list too but it has been sadly neglected these days. Well done!

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