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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ironing Boards

Yesterday, Monday, I'm sure my husband was thrilled to put on his uniform and drive to work where he got to lounge around behind his computer and attend meetings.  I was at home, continuing the settling in process.

We are missing something.  My ironing board!  Isn't it funny, but I suppose that most non-quilters/sewers would be thrilled to lose theirs.  I'm not so happy.  You see, up until the week before we packed up, I had two.

For years, since I move a lot, and weight is a consideration, I used a plain, regular ironing board.  It functioned just fine, but it was flimsy.  Whenever I bumped it, the iron would usually fall to the floor.  Once I ruined my second expensive iron, I decided maybe I should replace the board.  So, about a year ago, I "splurged" on a heavier ironing board.  The kind with the rack at the end for holding the iron.  Since I had recently replaced the cover on my old one, I just kept that board in the garage and would put it in the car when I went to bees, etc.

The week before we packed up, I donated it to the thrift shop.

I have no idea what happened to that new board.  It isn't like an ironing board fits in someone's pocket...  Who--more specifically--what man would steal an ironing board??!!!  I know it wasn't forgotten in the house because we lived there for nearly a month after the packup and we did look everywhere for leftover items.  So, who knows?  Now I have to buy yet another ironing board.

Speaking of covers...   Have any of you found a good cover that lasts?  I have tried numerous ones but they keep scorching after not too many uses.  I love how one brand has the "ironing levels" like "heavy use" equals daily use and "moderate use" equals weekly, etc.  What about hourly/all-day long use?  LOL.  Seriously, though, I would appreciate any input about your favorite cover.

Have a great day!


  1. Missing your ironing board, huh? Weird...

    I have one of those heat-resistant, silver looking type ironing board covers... probably for 20 yrs now. Yes, I have thought about getting a new cover so it will be "perfect" but hey! It still works just fine.

  2. This is not good.
    I am just waiting for mine to collapse, it has a considerable list and will not last much longer I fear.
    I always make my own ironing board covers using Insul-brite wadding under my chosen fabric that way I can get what I want.
    Good luck with the hunt for yours.

    Melanie xxx

  3. I was tired of my covers becoming unpleasant looking too so now I put large pressing sheet over it.

  4. Absolutely! There is a woman who is at many major quilt shows who sells ironing board covers made from the fabric used in astronauts uniform. Finally, after knowing about it for almost two decades, I bought some yardage from her to make covers for the two padded boards I use (but didn't get a cover for my ironing board because I wasn't sure of the exact size). If I can find her little flyer, I will forward the information to you.
    Because of it's ability to reflect heat, it's practically a miracle fabric.

  5. So happy to hear that you are getting settled!!