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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Sewing Desk

I am happy to report that I got batting, layered my Schnibble (this month's pattern is Dimestore), got it quilted, bound, and washed yesterday!  I'm really pleased with it and can't wait to show it later this week.   I also was able to make 4 more star blocks (only 115 more to go!)

Getting back to the quilting room, I wanted to share a bit about my sewing table.

As I mentioned briefly in the post about the island, it features another countertop from the Habitat Restore.  This one is the standard width.  I have used  countertops before--in Hawaii I bought a new one at the home improvement store.  I ran that counter the whole width of the room, just over 10 feet.  That counter came with the "back splash."  I didn't want that--just a flat counter, so we cut it off.  This time, we found the flat counter--perfect!  All we did was to trim it to fit the alcove (73 inches) and then used a hole saw to cut a hole in the back  for cords.
The counter is just sitting on these Closet Maid closet organizers.  You may be able to see a crack/seam under the thread catcher.  The closet organizers are a bit narrow, so I put one in front of another.  This gives me really deep storage cubbies on each side but more importantly, supports the full width of the counter.

This side is just like the other one.  To be clear, I have 4 closet organizers in all, one in front of the other on each end.  You can also use file cabinets, or nightstands to hold up the counter.  I chose the closet organizers because they are a bit higher (remember I'm tall.)  There are also pretty inexpensive.  The other feature that I like is that they are not too wide.  Before Hawaii, I was using two unfinished base cabinets with a six foot long counter on top.  The cabinets were so wide that there wasn't very much open space underneath for my legs.  So far, I'm really enjoying the closet organizers.  If I owned this house, and wasn't planning to move, I would have my husband run a 2x4 or 2x6 along the wall behind the counter for additional suppport.  With the much longer counter that I had in Hawaii, I had to use a small bookcase to support the middle. 

So there you have it, a sewing table just over 6 feet long for under $20 (because I already had the side supports.) 

I'm off to grocery shop and do some housework.  I'm trying to make at least a few star blocks everyday, though, so hopefully I'll be able to play later!



  1. Your sewing table setup is awesome! And all your mini quilts surrounding you is so sweet! Love this!

  2. Thanks for the tips on setting up a sewing area. I like to have a deeper area which allows more room for large quilts.

    All of your mini quilts are wonderful and make your sewing area so cheerful.

  3. Wow... great set up.... I need to rethink my current sewing table set up... and make a run to the local Habitat store!

  4. What clever sewing room ideas! I love it! I'm going to work on putting together my Dimestore right now.

  5. You have a great sewing room!! Love seeing the pictures!


  6. Thanks for sharing your sewing room set up. I used to use an old coffee table top. The legs have long since been tossed but the table does fit really well on the top of 2 filing cabinets. This house actually had a built in sewing desk which I use but I'm not enamored of it. We are thinking of finishing the attic to make a huge sewing space and air controlled storage for out of season clothes and my quilt. We'll see if it actually happens.