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Friday, October 4, 2013

Some Blocks for Play

Hi Everyone,

I am so glad that most of this week is over.  It seemed like I had so many obligations, and while most were fun--it is nice to have a day where I don't have to look at the clock and be somewhere at a certain time.  My brain is telling me I should spend it cleaning and doing other chores but my heart wants to quilt (as always.)  It is going to be interesting to see what will prevail! 

I already did some playing in my sewing room this morning.  Check out these blocks.  Aren't they gorgeous!!
Ha ha!  I don't think so!  And they aren't supposed to be.  Next week at guild we are playing Bingo, and these are the "cards."  Instead of numbers, the caller will announce certain types of fabrics, so we are to make ourselves one or two cards--sixteen patch blocks made from 2.5" squares.  We were given the list of fabric types so we could choose from them.  We could use up to 4 of the same type on an individual block.  So, if the caller says "batik," you can mark all 4 batik squares on your card, if you have them!  Some of the other types are:  solids, stripes, dots, hand-dyed, Christmas, leaves, Halloween, shiny (fairy frost, etc.,) blue and white, black and white, text/script/numbers, contemporary (kaffe fasset or amy butler, etc.,) thirties, civil war, paisley,  animal print, children, oriental, and....  Patriotic!  (plus a bunch of others)

These blocks took a little while to cut--I dug through my scrap bin for what was there and then I cut some off of fat quarters.  I cut 2-3 from each fabric and when I had found as many categories as I could (I think I had all but baby) I then counted them out in piles of 16.  I had enough to make 4 cards.  It was fun sewing because  I didn't have to think about matching anything.  The more random--the better.   As they call out the types, we will have candy corn to mark them.  The last game will be blackout (by tradition--you know when you have to fill your card) and the winner of that gets all the blocks!  This may be one time when I don't want to win....   No.  I think a quilt made entirely out of all these squares could be amazing!   Each participant can play with two cards.  I have extra, but I know there will be people who attend who will have not known about it (you had to read the newsletter) or forgotten. 

Now that I've made these, part of me is tempted to make another, more "planned" one.  I could select coordinating fabrics in as many of the categories as possible and piece them in a pleasing pattern.  Hmm.  I think it is going to depend on just what I decide to do today.

I hope your day is wonderful!


  1. That sounds like a fun guild activity ... might have to "borrow" the idea with your permission for one of our guild meetings this winter! LOVE scrappy quilts and you can do SO much with simple patch blocks ... make a simple quilt look "complicated". Linda

  2. What I do sometimes when I'm faced with the "I have housework to do but I'd much rather be quilting" dilemma is give myself a goal and a reward. After I work for an hour, or an hour and a half, I give myself 30 minutes of quilting time. It's a less than ideal plan from the standpoint that you'd really rather quilt all day, but actually, after awhile, you will be pleased at how much housework you've gotten done.

  3. I like to work in the same manner as Margaret does. Helps me get things done in both arenas and I don't have the guilt of just sewing all day! : )
    Sounds like a rather fun activity. I don't know that I would have the patience to look for all of those types of fabric, though.

  4. Sounds like fun! I've never heard of it played this way before. Even if you don't win anything, I bet it will still be a hoot. As for the housework/quilting tossup, I'm going through the same thing this very minute. I decided to check blogs quickly before I make myself clean the bathroom (my least favorite chore). I hope you found time for both!

  5. I think your bingo cards are "gorgeous"!!!! Scrappy is the best!! Have fun!!


  6. Very cool! We played once at our guild, then the blocks were donated for a charity quilt. :)

  7. That sounds like a really fun activity for a guild meeting, but I think you may be right about not wanting to be the "winner"!